Saturday, October 07, 2017

Weekend invitational updates

Feel free to comment below on any updates taking place today at the Clovis, Crystal Springs and Artichoke Invitationals. The first two meets have live results and I will post the Artichoke results as soon as I get them. We should get a lot of answers after today's meets and updated NorCal rankings will be posted ASAP.

Clovis Invitational:
Dublin over St. Francis in Championship Varsity Race.
NEW NCS and NORCAL RECORD for Dublin at 77:53 surpassing their time from last year at 79:21
NEW CCS RECORD for St. Francis at 78:22 surpassing Mt. View's 78:26 (previous NorCal record) from 2009.
Maddy and Elena Denner impressive again with Maddy winning in sub 17 minute effort.

Crystal Springs Invitational:
14:45.8 for Mieke Beaudoin-Rousseau and 15:24.8 for Alex Scales (both Bellarmine).
Here is the link to the all-time list to check out where the first time ranks (Tied for 17th if you round up to 14:46). They are measuring the course just to make sure it wasn't short. :D

Artichoke Invitational results LINK.

Pacific Grove Invitational results:

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