Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Musings Of A Rookie XC Dad

Very cool post on by a parent as he discovered the sport through his son's participation:


Conor Dunn said...

Loved this.

Anonymous said...

This was my exact feeling after my daughter completed her freshman year in XC. Now in her senior year, I admire all the athletes even more. What a great sport!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rookie XC Dad,

As a veteran XC mom, I am not allowed to check rankings, go over race strategies, the course, nor am I supposed to go on Cross Country Express!! My kid owns his sport and even though I'm an enthusiastic fan I'm not allowed to interfere.

alamedamom said...

With two sons competing, learning to strategize, getting fit beyond belief, I get everything he says. Hope I still love it after mine move on to college in a few years.

God bless all of those coaches who make it happen.