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Thursday, October 25, 2012

BCL 3 at Golden Gate Park Results (NCS)

Boys:  http://www.sml1.com/ncxc/infores/bcl3_102412_b.htm (Marin Academy's sophomore Trevor Reinhart claims first place over fellow state meet favorite University's Connor Clark 15:14 to 15:19.  The University boys get the best of it on the team end as they defeated their closest pursuers MA 27-30.  Also racing were Urban, Staurt Hall and International).

Girls:  http://www.sml1.com/ncxc/infores/bcl3_102412_g.htm (University's Jennie Callan continues her fine season as she outdistances Urban sophomore, Molly Carleton 18:26 to 18:44.  The University girls win the multi-dual competition which included Convent and San Domenico on the girls side along with the other teams mentioned in the boys' race.)

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Anonymous said...

wow Trevor Reinhart is definitely a force to be reckoned with

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