Tuesday, November 15, 2016

California state meet trivia

Can you answer the following questions without looking? They all pertain to the state meet and the Woodward Park course.

1) Who are the only two NorCal boys to win the state individual title in Division I?
2) What was the last NorCal boys team to win the Division I state team title?
3) 3 girls won 4 state individual titles. One of them is from a NorCal school. Who is she?
4) 3 boys have won 3 state individual titles. One of them is from a NorCal school. Who is he?
5) What NorCal school is tied with McFarland for most state meet boys team titles at 9?
6) What NorCal school holds the record for most girls state meet team titles at 10?
7) This NorCal school scored 18 points to win the state team title. Name the school, year and division.
8) This girl holds the fastest time for a NorCal runner at 16:43. Name her.
9) 15 NorCal boys have won individual titles in this division. Which one is it?
10) This school had 2 girls win 4 consecutive state individual titles between them in Division I. What school was it and who are the two girls?

Feel free to post more trivia in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

Jesuit is tied with McFarland for Boy's titles with 9. I believe University of San Francisco leads girl's teams with 10 state championships.

Albert Caruana said...

Correct for both.

Anonymous said...

Sara Bei is the NorCal girl who won 4 state titles.

Coach Tim said...

#7 was probably University-SF, I want to say...96? Not sure if there was D5 yet or it was D4.

#8 was either Julia Stamps, Santa Rosa or Amber Trotter, Ukiah. I'm annoyed that I don't know for certain.

Anonymous said...

1. A) Jason Balkman

Anonymous said...

# 8 Julia Stamps
# 10 Julia Stamps & Trina Cox
( Santa Rosa High)

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