Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016 California state meet recap

Just a few notes off the top of my head. Feel free to add more below.

NorCal boys (Luis Grijalva, Michael Vernau and Meika B-R) take top 3 spots in Division I race. I am sure that has never happened before.

Redwood sophomore Liam Anderson has fastest sophomore time of the day with his 15:05.3.

St. Joseph Notre Dame won both individual titles in Division V races. I will have to look to see how many teammates have won individual titles in the same season.

Olivia O'Keeffe winning Division I after her sister Fiona O'Keeffe won in 2013 and 2014. Any other siblings have won individual titles in XC?

Nueva girls, first time eligible for CIF competition, finish in 3rd place in Division V race.

Not NorCal but Claudia Lane becoming the 3rd fastest runner on the course trailing Sarah Baxter (twice) and Julia Stamps (once) with a time of 16:45.0. The course record is 16:40 by Sarah Baxter.

Podium teams for NorCal are:
Davis girls in Division I
Aptos girls in Division III
Campolindo boys in Division III
Nueva girls in Division V

Near misses (4th place)
Lick-Wilmerding boys in Division V
Lick-Wilmerding girls in Division V
Bellarmine boys in Division I
St. Francis, Sacramento girls in Division II
Dublin boys in Division II

I will post all the NorCal podium individuals when I get a moment. Feel free to add to my list above in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

Tough day for the NCS division 2 girls teams. After such a strong season and winning NCS, Granada finished twelfth in the race with their #2 runner McCandless finished third after being sick this week and their #1 Bihari finished sixth after missing last week's NCS finals due to injury. Monte Vista finished fifth despite their #1 runner Corda racing half the course with only one shoe and another top runner Isom sprained her ankle after 800 meters and ran most of the race on a bad ankle. Both teams plus SRV (who finished eighth) return all their top runners except for MV's Corda who graduates. Hopefully all three squads can build on this experience for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi, unfortunately the D1 girls results are wrong. Sofia Castiglioni actually won the race, while Olivia o Keefe placed 5th. Their results were switched the other way around, they must have accidentally worn each others' chips, but she ran in first.

Anonymous said...

Bob, your take is understandable, but wrong. Olivia O'Keeffe won the race. I was there - there is no mixup with the chips or numbers. She just had a breakout race.

Anonymous said...

I think Ryan and Chad Hall both won individual state titles.
Congrats to the O'Keefe sisters!

Anonymous said...

Kinda sucks that the announcer was calling out Catsiglioni the whole last straight away and finish.

Rob Collins said...

How about Murphy 17:27 and Wagner 17:30 from Redwood going 1-2 in the Girls Div3!

Albert Caruana said...

Definitely. Will post individual numbers when I get a moment today.

Dan said...

If you watch the D1 Girls highlights on mile split, the calls of Castiglioni leading were accurate util the final 800 or so. But O'Keeffe came from about 8th place with a mile to go and picked off several runners on the rollers before taking the lead around the entrance gate. I interviewed her afterwards and yesterday was her first varsity win ever! Since she came from pretty far back, when she took the lead, she didn't even know she was in first place. She didn't even know she won until she was told upon crossing the finish line. Fiona was there and obviously a proud big sister. Also really proud of Luis, Michael and Meika in the D1 boys, Grijalva and Vernau got and earned their recognition, but Meika came from about 7th or 8th which a mile to go to get on the podium. Keep an eye on the St. Francis girls, they will have everybody back next year. Jesuit's #2 and #3 yesterday were freshmen Strangio and Solonites, big upside to both of them. An outstanding day for Northern California runners. Also amazed that the weather held out. Felt the first rain drops as the last race was finishing and it opened up just after that.

Anonymous said...

Saw Coach Lange's (Jesuit) video of the D1 Boys race and I have no idea how they got that many vantage points, but a really comprehensive view of the race as it unfolded. Can't say enough for Holland and Beaudoin-Rousseau, they were both back as far as the mid-20s as late as the half way point and closed on some of the best runners in the nation to finish 3rd and 7th. With a mile to go, I believe Meika was 11th or 12th and Ben was around 22nd, there has to be a lesson in their somewhere about running your race.

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