Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 NCS XC Meet Data

You can check out merged results at this link:

Boys' 1st Team All-NCS
1 Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame 14:47.2
2 Isaias De Leon De La Salle 15:06.0
3 Liam Anderson Redwood 15:10.3
4 Anirudh Surapaneni Dublin 15:12.5
5 Ryan Cutter Hurcules 15:13.3
6 Kellen O'Neill Arcata 15:14.4
7 Brian Schulz El Molino 15:15.8

Boys' 2nd Team All-NCS
8 Tristan Miller Monte Vista 15:15.9
9 Jared Yabu Campolindo 15:17.5
10 John Bennett Granada 15:18.1
11 Luca Mazzanti Santa Rosa 15:20.3
12 Gaurav Phanse Dublin 15:20.4
13 Munir Kabbara San Rafael 15:21.7
14 Neil Braganza Dougherty Valley 15:22.2

Boys 3rd Team All-NCS
15 Adrian Schroeder Dublin 15:24.7
16 Jonathan Fiero Miramonte 15:25.2
17 Eli Horwitz Stuart Hall 15:25.8
18 Andrew Thomas Redwood 15:25.9
19 Preston Norris Las Lomas 15:26.5
20 Lucas Strand Livermore 15:26.7
21 Ray Diaz Campolindo 15:27.7

Boys' Honorable Mention
22 Dylan White Clayton Valley 15:28.7
23 Jonny Vargas Piner 15:29.0
24 Loic Scomparin Dublin 15:29.4
25 Willie Mein St. Joseph Notre Dame 15:29.7
26 Daniel Maneloveg Monte Vista 15:30.6
27 Cameron Priest Granada 15:32.7
28 Sean Laidlaw Lick-Wilmerding 15:35.2

Girls' 1st Team All-NCS
1 Glennis Murphy Redwood 16:56.6
2 Gillian Wagner Redwood 16:58.6
3 Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame 17:08.4
4 Isabella Chao Campolindo 17:22.7
5 Meredith Corda Monte Vista 17:27.3
6 Colleen McCandless Granada 17:29.2
7 Hannah Ruane Campolindo 17:29.3

Girls' 2nd Team All-NCS
8 Amanda Olla San Ramon Valley 17:31.8
9 Cassy Haskell Miramonte 17:34.8
10 Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy 17:38.9
11 Emily Perez St. Joseph Notre Dame 17:42.5
12 Rayna Stanziano Concord 17:45.2
13 Marissa D'Atri Alhambra 17:54.1
14 Kai Bohannon Liberty 17:55.4

Girls' 3rd Team All-NCS
15 Gabrielle Peterson Healdsburg 17:55.6
16 Kalea Bartolotto Granada 17:57.2
17 Jourdan Amen Bishop O'Dowd 17:58.7
18 Grace Dailey Branson 18:02.
19 Cynthia Rosales Piner 18:05.2
20 Gracie Dupuis Granada 18:06.7
21 Kate Bowen Sonoma Academy 18:09.6

Honorable Mention
22 Sidney Isom Monte Vista 18:12.0
23 Callie Jones Branson 18:13.1
24 Madison MacPherson Liberty 18:15.4
25 Lauren Lum Alameda 18:16.1
26 Rosie Cruz Miramonte 18:16.3
27 Shelby Nelson Encinal 18:18.4
28 Julia Gonzalez Liberty 18:19.2

Teams qualifying both teams to State Meet
Dougherty Valley (Division I)
Castro Valley (Division I)
Granada (Division II)
Monte Vista (Division II)
Campolindo (Division III)
Redwood (Division III)
Maria Carrillo (Division III)
Bishop O'Dowd (Division IV)
St. Joseph Notre Dame (Division V)
Lick-Wilmerding HS (Division V)
College Prep (Division V)
SF University (Division V)
Sonoma Academy (Division V)


Anonymous said...

What did it say and how many comments have to be removed over a year period?

Anonymous said...

Will there be combined results posted soon?

Anonymous said...

Is there an all-CCS list as well and who decides that?

Albert Caruana said...

Coaches will vote on all-CCS team.

Anonymous said...

When? It looks like NCS already put out their "all" teams. Why does it take CCS so long to do theirs?

Albert Caruana said...

After state meet.

Anonymous said...


hank said...

NCS puts out their All-NCS team for it appears to be based solely on the NCS Finals. The All-CCS team is voted on by coaches that want to show up early for the post season CCS XC meeting and individuals are discussed & voted on (ranked) at that meeting (I think it's usually the Tue after State but depends really on when CCS schedules their meeting). In the past we used to also create the All-SJ Mercury News team which in the past was just the San Mateo, Santa Clara counties (the paper's coverage area) and we would wait for the Mercury to post their team before we would post the All-CCS team followed by the All-NorCal Teams (All-NorCal should be published around Dec 7th this year). But since the Mercury has now expanded their coverage area to include the East Bay (which is alot of NCS teams), we coaches in the CCS decided not to try and help the Mercury select their All-Mercury XC teams for it would mean tracking more than double the current # of athletes that are currently tracked in the CCS (thanks to Walt VanZant). So, I suspect we'll vote for All-CCS teams on the night of the CCS meetings, let it set for a day or two to make sure that we haven't missed anything/anyone and then post it regardless of whether SJ Mercury News has posted their teams or not. There you have it.


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