Sunday, November 20, 2016

CIF Model Coach Award Winners

Congratulations to the following NorCal coaches who each received a CIF Model Coaches award. You can view the entire list at this LINK.

Sylvia Goodman (Tamalpais High School) Cross CountryGoodman is the cross country coach at Tamalpais High School. Her positive/transformational coaching style has led to the development over the years of dozens of athletes into competitors in the best sense of the word. She is tireless in her efforts to create a team out of a wide range of athletes: from the inexperienced to the elite, and she deftly and sensitively “threads the needle” between coaching her strongest athletes and her weakest, bringing out the best in everyone, both individually and as a team. Goodman teaches her student-athletes how to balance commitment with fun, how to mix tenacity and a drive to win with respect and sportsmanship, and how to take joy in the process of learning and growing.
Kay Nekota (Vacaville High School) Cross Country/Girls Basketball/Track& FieldNekota has served as the head cross country coach and co-head track & field coach for the past 10 years at Vacaville High School and assisting a year with the girls basketball program. Additionally, she is also a P.E. and math teacher and the school Athletic Director. Nekota has a gift for empowering each of the students she has contact with as she consciously makes the time to ensure each student feels appreciated and valued allowing them to reach their maximum potential. She wants her student-athletes to understand the importance and lessons that athletics provides, but also empowers them to use their position in the community to help others. Coach Nekota is truly inspirational. She raises the expectations of those she comes in contact with while giving them the necessary tools to achieve their dreams.
Eliot Smith (Lick-Wilmerding High School) BasketballSmith is the Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach at Lick Wilmerding High School. His positive attitude is infectious and you can’t help but break out in a smile when he greets you. He demonstrates and defines the qualities of an exceptional professional whose character and commitment to his student-athletes exemplifies all that a coach should be every day, an outstanding role model. Coach Smith is gifted as an outstanding motivational speaker, encourager, and leader. His positive outlook on life permeates his coaching style. Anyone who has had the honor and privilege of knowing him, will always come away encouraged and feeling loved.


Unknown said...

As a coach, seeing and talking to Kay at cross-country meets and tracks meets is very inspiring, serving as a model as to how I want to be with my athletes. You can tell that her focus is not on winning, but that she seeks to impact young men and women by lifting them up and encouraging them. I have also enjoyed her interactions with some of my athletes that she coached with Buffalo Babes, and the way that she would give them a fist bump after a good or bad race, with affirmation that it was a journey to discovering full potential. Congratulations Kay!

Unknown said...

Coach Kay is such a positive influence. My daughter was lucky enough to attend a cross country camp with her. Whether supporting my daughter in a race with Buffalo Babes or at a high school meet where their paths crossed, Kay has been an incredible supporter and such a positive influence.

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