Tuesday, November 29, 2016

All-time top CCS boys' teams at CA state meet

"I keep all these records for Bellarmine’s purposes, which is why there is no girls data. Anyone who wanted to do it would find all the info on Hank’s site…just need some time and an interest in State history!! Enjoy, and congrats to all those who ran so well at CCS…for me, that would be a special shout out to the Aptos girls and Dublin and Campo boys teams, from the Bay Area…truly inspiring to watch them all run! I was so proud of their efforts…and of the many individuals who ran so well, especially Liam Anderson…wow!!!!!! See you all in track; Patrick McCrystle, Bellarmine College Prep"

Here is the LINK to all the top CCS individuals and teams all-time at the state meet.


Anonymous said...

While there is a lot of complaining about the CCS not stepping up at state this year, there are quite a few team times that made the all-time list. Maybe things are better than we think.

Albert Caruana said...

The state meet continues to get faster and more competitive each year. What used to make podium is not good enough anymore.

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