Thursday, September 01, 2016

Lagoon Valley Classic Meet Preview

You can check out the meet preview at this link:

Feel free to comment below on the Saturday's meet and/or if anything is inaccurate or should have been included.


Albert Caruana said...

I accidentally deleted this post so here you go.

This is a bit late since you posted your preview (sorry), but the Bella Vista girls won't be at Lagoon Valley--just the boys. The BV boys team has a lot of depth. The girls are rebuilding their team after losing all but one to graduation from their powerhouse team. The BV girls will be at Lowell.

Additionally, Vacaville has a strong, young girls team which deserves a mention. Sophomores Gabriela Hernandez and Jaxin Woodward had strong track seasons as freshmen.

I'm excited to watch XC get underway. Great sport!

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't post that under this feed. :)

Did you ever find meet records? Sofia Castiglioni's 18:17.1 today has got to be near the top. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Is this sportsmanship, helping a ailing runner or cheating? The girl is literally pulling her teammate accross the finish line?

Albert Caruana said...

I am sorry. I can't view Rich Gonzalez's Instagram and Twitter accounts. Apparently I am a huge competitor.

Anonymous said...

It's a picture of a girl pulling her teammate accross the finish. Dangerous and one might argue the opposite of sportsmanship as there is no concern for the athlete but rather the team score.

Albert Caruana said...

I think this is a new rule that we will just have to see if it needs to be tweaked in the future. I understand not DQ'ing someone for helping a teammate or opponent but maybe the best course of action in some of these situations is to allow the medical people to deal with the situation right away.

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