Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 North Coast Section Rankings (1st Edition)

My first attempt at the North Coast Section Team rankings is posted below. Things will become much clearer after the Stanford Invitational but what the heck, here you go sports fans. If you have any thoughts on any of the divisions, let's hear them in the comment section below. If I completely whiffed on a team in any of the divisions, please let me know.

Division I
Girls - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Castro Valley
2.    Dougherty Valley
3.    Berkeley
4.    California
5.    James Logan

Boys - (Top 2 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Dougherty Valley
2.    Berkeley
3.    James Logan
4.    Castro Valley
5.    California

Division II (UPDATED)
Girls - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Granada
2.    San Ramon Valley
3.    Monte Vista
4.    Amador Valley
5.    Liberty

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Monte Vista
2.    Granada
3.    Dublin
4.    De La Salle
5.    Amador Valley
6.    Clayton Valley

Division III
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Maria Carrillo
2.    Redwood
3.    Campolindo
4.    Las Lomas
5.    Alameda/El Cerrito 

Boys - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Redwood
2.    Campolindo
3.    Maria Carrillo
4.    Las Lomas
5.    Northgate

Division IV
Girls - (Top 4 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Piedmont
2.    Bishop O'Dowd
3.    Miramonte
4.    Arcata
5.    McKinleyville

Boys - (Top 3 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Bishop O'Dowd
2.    McKinleyville
3.    Sir Francis Drake
4.    Miramonte
5.    Piedmont

Division V (UPDATED)
Girls - (Top 6 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Sonoma Academy
2.    Lick-Wilmerding
3.    College Prep
4.    St. Joseph Notre Dame
5.    University
6.    Branson

Boys - (Top 5 teams advance to state meet):
1.    Lick-Wilmerding
2.    College Prep
3.    Sonoma Academy
4.    University
5.    St. Joseph Notre Dame
6.    Marin Academy/Head Royce


Anonymous said...

Division II should be especially exciting this season due to the EBAL powerhouses going at it at the fast new NCS course. Dublin, Granada, and Monte Vista are all in the mix and Clayton Valley as well as Santa Rosa will be fighting for a spot as well. Granada beat by 5 points Dublin last week at Farmers thanks to their depth, but Dublin probably has the best 1-2 punch in the entire NCS. That being said, Monte Vista probably has the best top 3 in the entire NCS. Individually, Schroeder looks to be the favorite with Surapaneni right behind him. After that, a mix between de Leon of De La Salle, as well as the boys of the previously mentioned team should all be in the mix. I think the boys race should be the most exciting of the day!

Albert Caruana said...

Great post. Farmer last week, gave us a dual meet between Granada and Dublin which was fantastic. When you add all the other teams you mentioned, we should get quite a race with lots of fast times.

Anonymous said...

Division 4 Boys:
1) Bishop O'Dowd High School: At Nike invite they were the the fastest Division 4 team. They are also are returning 5 of 6 from last years varsity team. There top four has potential to get in the Top 15 at NCS.

2) McKinleyville: Rising program with lots of potential. They return 5 of 7 from last years varsity team. Lead by sophomore Trent Padilla.

3) Sir Francis Drake: They won this division last year and will be looking for another win, however lost there top runner. The lead runner of their team will also be looking to get the individual win.

4) Miramonte High School: Strong team with a variety of different runners. Have not had there best five at many of the races, due to injury and testing. They also have one of there top 5 runner out due to a concussion.

5) Piedmont High School: They have a mixed team, that is lead by upper class men. There fastest runner (Junior) Reece proctor has been posting some fast times. They lost some good talent, but have produced other athletes. They are also in the Same League as Bishop O'Dowd so we can see how they race against each other.

Andrew said...

To clarify why I also think Castro Valley is #1 in D1 girls - the times in their various races tell the story. Good times so far by them. Clearly have the talent. But they haven't run a full team in any meet (closest being their WACC 1 meet) and they kind of have a history of not getting consistent attendance at big meets. Definitely could make the ranking look stupid if they don't get their A team in there more together.

Love the rest of it, Albert. Great job to you and the other coaches. Still early in the season, so not every team has put their full A team on the field yet.

That's crazy that the Monte Vista boys, who beat Jesuit at Nike, is ranked #3 in the division! But can't say I disagree after Farmer either.

I think the WACC made out pretty good with the division changes :D. O'Dowd boys and girls both look good, but have to stay healthy because their depth is not as great as in past years. Piedmont girls are so freaking scary with the two frosh Zalewski and Black joining their already vast numbers. Piedmont guys may get some of their mojo back now that Becker is back. Alameda girls have big talent up front in Lum and Vetter and good depth beyond. Don't wanna jinx my alma mater, but things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

Division II boys is absolutely loaded with strong D1 teams moving from D1 to D2. I know there is some "logic" of why NCS loaded up D2, while D1 is left light (would D1 #1 Dougherty even be in top 5 D2???) - but I still don't get that change. Beating a dead horse I know.

Peter Brewer said...

Anonymous 7:52 - - the reason the NCS changes were made were to align our section more towards the overall state school population divisions. Of course, that means the Southern Section. So, the new NCS divisions mean that our representatives will be competing against schools of equal size instead against schools with 500 - 1000 more students.

This left Division I on the soft side, which is only natural since NCS has so few truly large schools. The new alignment left enough schools so that we would have at least 2 schools advancing out of that division. If this means we send schools that are perhaps not as strong as other teams in other divisions, the trade-off is that those schools in other divisions now have a much more balanced field to compete in at the State Meet.

Peter Brewer

Anonymous said...

Alameda girls are pretty good. Watch out.

Anonymous said...

With the new NCS divisions this mean that our representatives will be competing against schools of equal size instead against schools with 500 - 1000 more students. Then why does the NCS put schools like Castro valley, for example in a leauge where it's enrollment is over three times some of it's rivals?

Peter Brewer said...

The league formations are by geographical proximity. And within large leagues, like the WACC, teams are often further separated into divisions based on team performance over a few years. Castro Valley is in a league with Mt. Eden and San Leandro, both very large schools, as well as Bishop O'Dowd and Piedmont, both smaller schools. This is not uncommon. The newly-minted Diablo Athletic League, also schools grouped by proximity more than anything else, has schools ranging from College Park and Clayton Valley, both D-II schools, down to Berean Christian, a D-V school.

The various school sizes are addressed by the NCS divisions. And any which way the NCS divisions are arranged, the leagues will still remain how they are. Two entirely separate arrangements.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High

Anonymous said...

Berean Christian having to compete against schools such as College Park and Clayton Valley ( Charter, a whole different story ) for a league championship is just crazy. Thanks Mr. Brewer for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Albert, great job on the rankings. As most know, things change between now and section, injuries, subtractions and addition, and always remember, coaching is underrated!

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