Sunday, September 25, 2016

New course record today at Westmoor Ram Invitational

Live Oak junior Kaylah Grant (photo on the right courtesy of Dan Bingham) finished the 1st Varsity girls race in 14:00 which broke the previous course record of Cate Ratliff at 14:03 in 2014. Jennifer Akana of Lowell held the record before Ratliff at 14:05 in 1996 (possible this is true course record as starting line has moved forward since then). Shannon Rowbury of Sacred Heart Cathedral ran 14:14 as a senior in 2001 (confirmed by her HS coach, Andy Chan).

Westmont Ram Invitational Results LINK (NEW)

Pacific Tigers High School Invitational Results LINK (NEW)


Andrew said...

wow, impressive. Looking forward to seeing official results, but Ram is sometimes slow or they post them in a hidden place. In then, #TrustHank

aotoole said...

Speaking of girls races, Alameda had a great race with 1,2,8,9 in the second varsity race.

Hank said...

Whoa, pressure.


Unknown said...

Shannon's best time at Westmoor was her senior year (2001). 14:14.

nilsohls said...

Re: aotoole's post, it's good to see that the Alameda girls' program is doing well!

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