Saturday, September 10, 2016

Northern California Invitationals results

Lowell Invitational

Lowell Highlights:

I posted finish line videos of the top runners in each varsity race at this link:

Here are the top girls times that I could find since 2006 (current course)
1) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy 17:03.5 2016 (course record)
2) Lauren Peurifoy MLK 17:08.2 2016
3) Alize Hartke Oakmont 17:10.2 2016
4) Marissa Ferrante Aptos 17:13 2008
5) Sarah Robinson Gunn 17:14 2013
6) Kristen Leung Lowell 17:16.1 2015
7) Julia Bounds St. Francis 17:17 2013
8) Lauren Jacob Los Altos 17:18 2013
9) Chloe Hansel Las Lomas 17:22 2013

1) John Lawson Sir Francis Drake 14:08 2012
2) Garrett Corcoran Villa Park 14:21 2013
3) Kent Slaney Palo Alto 14:29.5 2016

Ed Sias Invitational

Ed Sias Highlights:

Jesuit/Davis Invitational

Jesuit/Davis Jamboree Highlights:

More to come...

Feel free to comment on the most impressive performances from today. New individual and team rankings will be posted in the next week so if you have individuals and teams that belong in the top 10 in NorCal, speak up now or forever hold your peace.


Anonymous said...

Impressive results from Bellarmine and St Francis (CCS). My first reaction was that St Francis has really closed the gap on Bellarmine, but then I realized that Bellarmine was missing Matt Richardson, CCS 1600m champion and top xc runner last year too. Probably their #2 guy and on the right day might even be #1. Anybody know if sick or injured? Coach McCrystle posts on here sometimes: Coach, can you let us fans know? :-)

When Bellarmine gets Richardson back and if they get a little more out of their #5 (today's 4 and 5 were next to each other), they may finally be in a position to challenge for a top slot at State. I expect that a 3 mile or 5k course suits their 4 and 5s, as compared to today's 2 miles, so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some substantial improvement from the Bells even from today's result.

Was surprised that Homestead boys ran several of their top guys in the frosh-soph race. A poster on another thread thought they'd make a run at Bellarmine and St Francis, but even merging the races that wasn't happening.

I think the story of the CCS over the past few years has been the improvement of St Francis boys. Wow, young coach has taken a moribund program and really brought it back to life. St Francis would do well to let him coach the girls too (they're good too, but girls are not as well coached as the boys at SF).

Anonymous said...

Granada, Whoa, real deal.

Albert Caruana said...

Granada took the first 11 places in the 2nd Non Varsity race. Very Bellerminesque!

You can check out my interview with St. Francis coach Phillip Pompei at this link:

I believe Bellarmine had 4 of their top 7 today. ACT and some aches were the reason for missing today.

Anonymous said...

@ SF parent in the top post... How many CCS titles would it take to get some respect?

Anonymous said...

A fantastic performance by freshman Matt Strangio of Jesuit High School
in the Jesuit/Davis Invite. His 15:28 5K, and 5h place finish behind
teammate Ben Holland(2.5 sec.)was very impressive.
Matt is the son of former Mission San Jose standout Steve Strangio.

Anonymous said...

Albert, it could be argued that Bell had 5 of their top 7, depending on who is considered their regular #7. Regardless, they will be very good when they get back Richardson and Michallef. Hopefully they will be putting another CCS team on the podium at state. Taking nothing away from SF and a great showing at Sias, but they are relatively young up front and are a year away from making a serious challenge for the WCAL title. Regarding the SF girls, they have done just fine with the current and long time coach. She has lots of state entries and plenty of trophies including a few CCS titles over the years.

Could you put back the time stamps so we can directly address anonymous comments a little easier? Thanks

Mattern said...

What are the top 10 team course records at Lowell? Looks like Kinga Bihari would have run the 10th fastest time on that course yesterday as well. That was our first time to race at Lowell...what an amazing venue. Thanks to Coach Leong for hosting.

Albert Caruana said...

I am working on finding the top 10 times for the boys. I know the fastest 3 times are John Lawson Sir Francis Drake 14:08 2012, Garrett Corcoran Villa Park 14:21 2013 and Kent Slaney Palo Alto 14:29.5 2016. Will fill the rest in a moment.

BTW, the current course has been used since 2006. In 2009, they had to shorten the course so those times are not valid.

Ms Selena said...
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Anonymous said...

It would be nice to get a true GPS readout of the Granite Regional Park "5k" course. Walt changed the course to 3.08, but I think it is shorter than that, does anyone have an actual GPS reading of the course.

Albert Caruana said...

I am sure there is somebody out there that may have measured the course this past Saturday. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

The 3.08 mile reading at Granite is legit, though an overly enthusiastic lead bike led the varsity girls down a wrong path that shortened the course a bit. They were remeasuring the course based on what the varsity girls actually ran when I left.
Already looking forward to next weekend with DeLaSalle coming up that will have some strong teams on the boys side including Bellarmine, Bella Vista, Jesuit and the first chance to see how St. Francis matches up with Davis on the girls side. Not sure if Vernau will run since I understand he is on his first college visit next weekend, but it would be nice to see if he could join Blair Hurlock as the only runners to go under 15 flat at Newhall Park.

Anonymous said...

I hope they update the distance for the Varsity girls race at Granite on Those times are crazy fast and still show 5k, my guess is 2.8.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Cathilyn McIntosh of Del Oro is now running XC? She had never run a XC race before this past weekend, and won the Nevada Union Invite in Grass Valley. Her time wasn't spectacular, but it's interesting to see that she's taken up the sport after running a 2:07 800M in the spring. She could be a sleeper.

Albert Caruana said...

I will reach out to so that they can correct the race distance.

Albert Caruana said...

It looks like the distance has been adjusted to 2.91 miles.

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