Friday, September 16, 2016

Central Coast Section Team Rankings courtesy of

Team rankings will be updated weekly throughout season thanks to Hank Lawson:
Team Rankings - 09/13

Rank  BOYS                   Div
1     Bellarmine College PrepD1
2     Palo Alto              D1
3     St. Francis            D2
4     San Lorenzo Valley     D4
5     Homestead              D1
6     Los Gatos              D1
7     Willow Glen            D2
8     Valley Christian SJ    D2
9     Cupertino              D1
10    St. Ignatius           D3
11    Serra                  D2
12    King City              D4
13    Menlo-Atherton         D1
14    San Benito             D1
15    Los Altos              D1

Rank  GIRLS                  Div
1     Aptos                  D3
2     Homestead              D1
3     St. Francis            D2
4     San Lorenzo Valley     D4
5     Archbishop Mitty       D2
6     Santa Cruz             D4
7     St. Ignatius           D3
8     Monta Vista            D1
9     San Benito             D1
10    Gunn                   D2
11    Mtn View               D2
12    Los Gatos              D1
13    Los Altos              D1
14    Valley Christian SJ    D2
15    Lynbrook               D2


Anonymous said...

isn't SI D3 this yr?

Albert Caruana said...

That is correct. I corrected the division above and Hank can fix the next rankings that come up.

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