Wednesday, June 15, 2011

XCStats Guest Pass Now Available

XCStats now offers a Guest Pass allowing visitors exclusive access to data and content previously unavailable. The Pass provides access to our massive cross country database containing nearly 1,000,000 race performances and over 1,000 meets since 2005.  With our robust search and reporting tools, you can spend hours researching your favorite runners and teams.

Guest PassGuest Pass members have access to 6 different search methods for both individual and team results: by runner or school name, by event and by course. With these features you can create reports such as:
  • The entire career for searched runners.
  • Find the varsity (or JV, F/S) team performances for a given school this season or many seasons.
  • Get the race results for over a thousand meets (and over 10,000 races) since 2005. No more navigating through page after page of listings.
  • Find the top performances at a given course during a season.  For example, find the runner who ran the fastest time at Mt. Sac in 2010.
  • See how runners and teams compare for a given event if they all particpated in the same race. 
  • Predict team outcomes for 2011 based on comprehensive 2010 results
The Guest Pass is free. Sign up here
Mike Sherwood

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mike said...

Here's the link to the guest pass.

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