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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mid-Season North Coast Section Rankings (Teams and Individuals)

Division I Boys (Teams) 2 qualify to state
1) Monte Vista
2) Santa Rosa
3) Liberty
4) Dougherty Valley
5) Amador Valley

Division I Boys (Individuals)
1) Daniel Pride Santa Rosa
2) Neil Braganza Dougherty Valley
3) Luca Mazzanti Santa Rosa
4) Timonthy Chrisman Monte Vista
5) Tristan Miller Monte Vista

Division I Girls (Teams) 2 qualify to state
1) Monte Vista
2) Liberty
3) Amador Valley
4) Dougherty Valley
5) Santa Rosa

Division I Girls (Individuals)
1) Brooke Starn Monte Vista
2) Alexandra Newsom James Logan
3) Delaney White Santa Rosa
4) Meredith Corda Monte Vista
5) Melodie Leroudier Amador Valley

Division II Boys (Teams) 3 qualify to state
1) Maria Carrillo
2) Redwood
3) Dublin
4) Clayton Valley
5) Northgate

Division II Boys (Individuals)
1) Andy Ehrenberg Redwood
2) Anirudh Surapaneni Dublin
3) Matt Salazar Casa Grande
4) Jordan Scobey Maria Carrillo
5) Dilpreet Singh Mt. Eden

Division II Girls (Teams) 3 qualify to state
1) Granada
2) Redwood
3) Maria Carrillo
4) Alameda
5) Carondelet

Division II Girls (Individuals)
1) Megan McCandless Granada
2) Gillian Wagner Redwood
3) Glennis Murphy Redwood
4) Adria Barich Casa Grande
5) Taylor Lawsen Granada

Division III Boys (Teams) 4 qualify to state
1) Campolindo
2) Las Lomas
3) Piner
4) Petaluma
5) San Rafael

Division III Boys (Individuals)
1) Cameron Gaskell Acalanes
2) Nick Downs Bishop O'Dowd
3) Tom Robey Las Lomas
4) Jared Yabu Campolindo
5) Blake Delaney San Rafael

Division III Girls (Teams) 4 qualify to state
1) Campolindo
2) Las Lomas
3) Bishop O'Dowd
4) Miramonte
5) Sonoma Valley

Division III Girls (Individuals)
1) Chloe Hansel Las Lomas
2) Cassidy Haskell Miramonte
3) Cynthia Rosales Piner
4) Hannah Ruane Campolindo
5) Hana Sun Campolindo

Division IV Boys (Teams) 3 qualify to state
1) Sir Francis Drake
2) McKinleyville
3) Piedmont
4) Arcata
5) St. Mary's Berkeley

Division IV Boys (Individuals)
1) Brian Schulz El Molino
2) Jeremy Leary Sir Francis Drake
3) Brandon Kelsey Arcata
4) Kellen O'Neill Arcata
5) Wyatt Miceli Sir Francis Drake

Division IV Girls (Teams) 4 qualify to state
1) Piedmont
2) Cardinal Newman
3) McKinleyville
4) St. Mary's Berkeley
5) Arcata

Division IV Girls (Individuals)
1) Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville
2) Erin Hong Piedmont
3) Kasey Braun Cardinal Newman
4) Noel Clark Cardinal Newman
5) Margo Donahue Piedmont

Division V Boys (Teams) 5 qualify to state
1) University
2) Marin Academy
3) Sonoma Academy
4) St. Joseph Notre Dame
5) Lick-Wilmerding
6) Athenian

Division V Boys (Individuals)
1) Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame
2) Henry Fleming Marin Academy
3) Eli Horwitz Stuart Hall
3) Dawson Reckers Athenian
4) CJ Dowd University

Division V Girls (Teams) 6 qualify to state
1) Branson
2) University
2) St. Joseph Notre Dame
4) College Prep
5) Sonoma Academy
6) Lick-Wilmerding

Division V Girls (Individuals)
1) Rylee Bowen Sonoma Academy
2) Kiera Marshall St. Joseph Notre Dame
3) Grace Dailey Branson
4) Emily Perez St. Joseph Notre Dame
5) Brianna Bourne College Prep

Let the comments begin.


Anonymous said...

Cooper Teare of SJND will be TOP runner in D5 and overall in NCS boys. Kiera Marshall
will be the top runner in D5 girls. Joining her in the top 10 will be Emily Perez and
Beatrice Levy.

The SJND girls will be one of the top contenders in D5. The SJND boys will be one of
the top contenders if their #2 and #3 runners recover from their injuries.

Anonymous said...

Does the St. Joe's love fest never end?

Anonymous said...

SJND Pilot Strong! Hard working athletes with the results to back it up.

Anonymous said...

A good 20% of comments on this site must be about SJND or its individuals...

Albert Caruana said...

I don't see a problem with positive SJND comments. They have been one of the best programs in Northern California for the past 5 or so years. They have won state as well as made the podium in two other seasons. Cooper Teare ran the 2nd fastest time this past Saturday regardless of division.

StJoeBag said...


It's very true SJND is a top program with plenty of success. Tony Fong does a great job year in and out. However when almost every post has fanboy comments about how great their team/athletes are, at some point the program and athletes are going to get bashed.

Teare is a phenom and at the moment is one of the top runners in the State across all divisions. However, while Marshall is very good, claiming she is the top NCS D5 girl is farfetched unless Bowen is injured.

Of course anything can happen but frequent comments like the one made by Anonymous @ 10:31am just fuel the anti-SJND sentiment IMHO.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in supporting St. Joe's program. After all, this thread is about NCS individual and team rankings and I'm just expresing my opinion. I'm excited someone is seemingly annoyed with pro-SJND postings. I like disagreements. Forums
like this will be boring without dissensions. GO PILOTS!

By the way, I also support Hilary and not Donald.

Anonymous said...

Message boards can be the best and worst of the internet, but for the most part, I think we all appreciate the resource that Albert has provided, particularly when the other big ones that cover California Cross Country are so Southern California-centric. As a former high school cross country runner, I've got nothing but respect for any kid who chooses to run rather than more glamorous sports. Just like little league, soccer and football, there are some parents and coaches who may take things a bit more seriously than others. If you think that there are other programs and individuals who warrant recognition, post away. My son happens to run in the Sac Joaquin section, but I am always interested in hearing about other teams and individuals making waves from around the state. Also, if you were interested in seeing some of the races, the "jesuit track" youtube page has videos of pretty much every race they have run in across all divisions (open to the public), so if your athletes ran in some of the same races as them, you can check them out if your teams don't do their own recordings.

Anonymous said...


I can understand not voting for Donald, but please don't vote for proven liar Hillary. She lied about Benghazi. She lied about the emails. The only thing she cares about is money/power. She is the most corrupt candidate in the field of 20 candidates to choose from.

Anonymous said...

stick to cross country, please...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel like you should post the top 7 individuals instead of top 5 because those are the ones who are going to receive medals at NCS and it will give us some more depth on who's I'm the running(no pun intended) for them. That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the work that goes into putting this together"

Anonymous said...

Great job Albert!

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. It's definitely not a one man project as plenty of coaches helped me put that list together.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Albert! Daunting task with so many great kids out there!

Anonymous said...

Athenian beat Lick by 8 points and St Joes by 148 point on Saturday, yet they are not ranked. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what gives?

Albert Caruana said...

When I do rankings, I try to take into account results of current races as well as try to project what teams will do in the future. Sometimes, teams compete without their full roster as some did on Saturday. I had Athenian at 6th so to be fair, I will place them back at 6th for these rankings.

Anonymous said...

No De La Salle in the rankings has to be a first.

Albert Caruana said...

DLS is missing their top guy I believe so that will help them when he returns. I think they will still be a factor in who qualifies for state.

Anonymous said...

I think the Northgate boys is a team to watch in D2. They haven't run their full top five in a varsity meet yet. The DVAL meet next week between them and Clayton Valley will be interesting

Anonymous said...

Definitely a race to watch is DII. The division is currently a wild card with all of the individuals and teams in contention for a state meet berth and division win. Redwood and Maria Carillo had a spectacular showing at Stanford, and Dublin has been consistent both at Farmers and Ed Sias. The team rankings are only relative to current performance, but its anyone's game at this point.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps NCS fans and followers can demonstrate the same or even greater intensity and
passion as those of CCS'. Let's support our teams. Let's make some noise and show them we also care.

Anonymous said...

I think Yabu has clearly proven he's better than Robey. At Stanford and then again at the DFAL center meet he beat him handily.

Anonymous said...

Yabu had great races. Robey had the flu, missed school and and was in the ER last week.

GoodKnights said...

Sorry to hear Tom, hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

So is there any truth to the proposed CIF championship course change in 2016 from Woodward Park to Haggin Oaks Golf course in Sacramento?

Anonymous said...

Who would you guys say is the best team on both the girls and boys side?

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