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Saturday, September 21, 2013

NorCal Invitational Results

De La Salle/Carondelet Nike Cross Country Invitational Results (De La Salle and Jesuit tie for first, 6th men separated by 4 seconds (DLS won that battle).  Bella Vista girls outdistance Monte Vista (NCS) and Monta Vista (CCS) to take the girls' crown).

Scott Bauhs Invitational Results (including record list for invite)

Earthquake Invitational Results (CCS) 3.1 miles

Farmer Invitational Results (NCS) 2.0 miles/3.0 miles

Yolo County Championships (SJS) They will eventually be posted at that link
Short article

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Judging by times, it looks like the girl's course was the regular course, and the boy's course was short? Is this correct? Did the hill get too muddy so they ran a different course that ended up being short?

Steven Sum had a great race. Monte Vista's Varsity Top 5 for Boys are 4 freshman and 1 sophomore. Pretty impressive run for them.

Albert Caruana said...

That is correct. Shorter course for varsity boys.

Anonymous said...

Albert how long was the shorter course?

Anonymous said...

Nice run by Mitty almost beating Monta Vista. They are top 5 CCS for sure!

Anonymous said...

Judging by this weekend's results, the NCS D1 (and EBAL) girls team battle between Granada, Monte Vista, and Amador Valley should be interesting.

Craiggypop The Angry Panda said...

Monta Vista is a talented team that should do really well this year. They ran a great race today as did everyone else. Special "Great Job!" to all the Varsity Ladies who had to run in some horrible conditions. That downhill was wicked!

Thanks to all who help put on the Nike Invitational and all the family and friends who came out to support our great sport! Good luck to everyone in their future meets.

Craig Lee

Andrew said...


Farmer Invite

Anonymous said...

Hurlock 13:56
thats unbelievable. 4:39 pace for 3 miles...isn't his 3200 PR like 9-teens? this kid is gonna break 9 for sure this year. low 850s. jesus. what a talent.

Anonymous said...

The short article that the link is posted to re: the Yolo Championships explains that St. Francis' Sac Girls "2-4" (based on past performances) runner has been injured - and yet they have won. If she returns, they will be formidable. The article indicates one of the top Davis Sr. girls was injured as well.

Anonymous said...

the article does not say the davis girl is injured, it says she didn't run.

Steve Palladino said...

No topic for SoCal invites this past weekend, so I'll post here. Woodbridge was a blast. Blake Haney 13:55, Estevan De La Rosa 13:56, Sarah Baxter 15:57 - legit!
Maria Carillo (NCS) (who I'm connected with): boys were 40th for the meet (missing two of their top 5 runners), but got a team course record by 1 minute. The girls were 25th overall for the meet, missing the school team course record by 38 seconds (the 2004 MCHS team holds the school course recrod and finished 2nd at the 2004 State meet). http://gvarvas.com/results/

hank said...

I hear the course was different this year then what is normally used ... do you know if that's so?


Steve Palladino said...

I can't be certain, since this is this first time that I've actually attended. However, based on the description of Sarah Baxter's race and course record, it sounded as though it was the same course.

hank said...

Yup. I talked with the Homestead coach (they went) and he said the course was "altered" due to an endangered species.


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