Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NorCal Race Results

San Rafael boys, Tam girls earn Stinson Relay titles (9/11/13)
PAL #1 at Westmoor HS (9/11/13) Carlmont boys and MA girls take varsity races.
SCVAL #1 (9/10/13) Los Gatos boys and Mt. View girls win here on the Crystal Springs course.

Any other race results?


TheDarrellRhoades said...

Pretty impressive gap between 1 - 5 for Carlmont. Can't wait for Schulte to return.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm unimpressed. Times are slow. Is this a down year for CCS?

Albert Caruana said...

It's early in the season and warm weather may have slowed the times down. I wouldn't put much stock into races at this time.

Anonymous said...

It was not warm at fact it was sort of cold. 68 degrees and a strong wind.

There was also lots of issues with the timing that make the team times not really representative of what they should be. One race had a clock issue (not sure of the details) and at least one race (Sophomore girls) had part of the course shut down due to an ambulance on the course. This resulted in a shorter course for that race by about a 1/2 mile, so those girls weren't added into their team times at all. Some of those Sophomore girl times would have made a big difference in their team scores.

Anonymous said...

the course at westmore is terrible because the terrain is horrible for running. Pot holes and ditches all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Sarah Robinson back!

hank said...

Soph race (boys & girls) was short due to the ambulance. The first two soph boys got past the cutoff before they re-directed everyone else. The already defined "short course" race found that there was no power at the finish line so about 50 times of the 2.13 mi course had to depend on coaches hand times. All other races went off without a hitch.


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