Sunday, June 30, 2013

Central Coast Section Top 10 Individuals (Boys and Girls)

1)  Steven Sum Saratoga Division II
2)  Scott Edwards Scotts Valley Division IV
3)  Steven Velarde San Benito Division I
4)  Terence Rabuzzi Los Altos Division II
5)  James Welsh Monterey Division III
6)  Corey Gonzalez Harker Division IV
7)  Chris Foster Los Gatos Division II
8)  Justin Robison Lynbrook Division II
9)  Ben Zaeske Los Altos Division II
10)  Jose Pina Abraham Lincoln Division I

1)  Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley Division IV
2)  Sarah Robinson Gunn Division I
3)  Lauren Jacob Los Altos Division II
4)  Claire MacMillan San Lorenzo Valley Division IV
5)  Gillian Meeks Gunn Division I
6)  Kendall Hacker St. Ignatius Division II
7)  Yulisa Abundis Aptos Division III
8)  Melissa Reed Mt. View Division I
9)  Clare Peabody Aptos Division III
10)  Hannah Allen Homestead Division I

Did I miss anybody?  Who should move up?  Who should move down?  Who is going to be a big surprise in the fall?

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