Saturday, June 15, 2013

California State Track and Field Championships 2014 "At-Large" Standards

        Boys Girls
100 10.69 11.92
200 21.75 24.50
400 48.29 55.94
800 1:52.98 2:11.80
1600 4:14.24 4:55.15
3200 9:08.64 10:35.79
110/100 Hurdles 14.42 14.23
300 Hurdles 38.19 43.54
4x100 Relay 41.92 47.53
4x400 Relay 3:18.31 3:51.27
High Jump 6-07.00 5-05.00
Pole Vault 15-02.00 11-07.00
Long Jump 22-10.00 18-04.00
Triple Jump 46-10-00 38-04.00
Shot Put 57-09.00 41-02.00
Discus 171-05.00 134-03.00


Anonymous said...

Does this reflect the last qualifier in each event or the 9th qualifier. I always get confused with that. With 12 now making the final in the 800 and field events shouldn't the standard ease a bit?

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, it is the average time of the 9th place finals qualifier over the last 3 yrs

Albert Caruana said...

It's the average of the last qualifier in each event over the past three seasons.

Anonymous said...

What a out 3200? Last, 12th or 9th

Anonymous said...

According to CIF By-Law 2802:

"An athlete shall earn an at-large entry into the State Meet if his/her mark at the final Section competition (which quali fes entrants to the State Meet) is equal to or better than the average of the ninth place qualifying marks to the State Meet finals from the three most recent years."

So, 9th place in all events.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. In CCS it is the "last qualifier." Does anyone know if that will change now 12 make it. And for the record I though 8 in the 800 is the right number. 12 in the final makes for a crazy fistfight.

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