Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Postal National Championship Results

Southlake Carroll HS, Southlake, Texas boys claim the 2013 NHSCA Postal National Championship (9:07.90 average for their top 5 3200m. runners!)  De La Salle, Bellarmine and Campolindo ranked 35th, 36th and 37th respectively.

Park City HS, Park City, Utah girls claim the 2013 NHSCA Postal National Championship (10:53.13 average for their top 5 3200m. runners!)  St. Francis, Sacramento and Campolindo ranked 21st and 25th respectively.

Here are the boys' all-time records with the 26 best teams:
http://www.xcnation.com/#!boys postal records/c1iy6

Here are the girls' all-time records with the top 19 best teams:
http://www.xcnation.com/#!girls postal records/c23p8

What is the average of your school's 5 x 3200m. team?


pmccrystle said...

Bellarmine averaged 9:38.92: Charles DeAnda '13 9:30.33 WCAL Finals; Raymond Meijer '13 9:32.84 WCAL Finals; Miles Meijer '15 9:38.10 WCAL Finals; Akshay Alaghatta '13 9:39.16 WCAL Finals; Justin Barry '14 9:44.18 CCS Top 8 meet

That puts us right between DeLaSalle and Campolindo!

hank said...

Don't know if they've changed the way Postals are done or not but in "the day", your postal team time all had to be run at the same meet (and the purist would say in the same race).


pmccrystle said...

Now it is just your top 5 3200 times; it used to be in December, on the track at the same time...remember that, Hank!

Anonymous said...

That's the way it should be. We should bring that back!

hank said...

Me? Remember that? I'm not older than dirt... Walt, can you chime in?


1987 Postal Champions said...

We ran 3 miles on the track in the same race in December 87 - the week between State and Kinney (Footlocker now).

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