What is typically the strongest cross country section in NorCal?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Northern California High School Track Leaders Men By Keith Conning


If you see any errors or omissions, email Keith Conning at Keithconning@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Bishop, 3200

Anonymous said...

Michael Hester, 800

Albert Caruana said...

Times and dates of meets where the marks were accomplished please.

NCSftw said...

Jordon Rushing @ Dublin Distance Fiesta on 3/17/12 ran a 4:23.66 1600

Rob Collins said...

Albert kevin Bishops 3200m pretty easy. Brooks Pr right behind Luna!

Anonymous said...

all at dublin

1 Rushing, Jordon 12 Del Campo 4:23.66
2 Calvert, Duncan 12 St. Mary's ( 4:26.17
3 Mercado, Tyler 12 Del Campo 4:27.71
4 Jagerson, Patrick 11 Del Campo 4:28.02
5 Morris, Joey 11 San Rafael 4:28.11
6 Martin, Mitch 12 Half Moon Bay 4:29.37

Anonymous said...

Ryan Jones 4.26.46 Rocklin,sj, King/Gilbert

Marty Beene said...

Stephen Carlson, Alameda, ran 4:25.7 at Dan Gabor on 3/9/12....

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