Friday, March 30, 2012

Bill Green was more than just a remarkable sprinter

Couple of the quotes in the above article sure looked familiar.  Oh yeah!  They were comments left on this site.  Newspapers don't have to cite their sources anymore??


hank said...

Not in my book they don't, I'm just glad that there IS still newspapers out there and that they are covering the sport (past & present). It's the internet age and who knows, maybe these quoters also talked with the paper themselves - who cares, let's just promote the sport. IMO


Trapper Byrne said...

People should be credited for the work they do, and that includes the work of running a site where those quotes at the very least originally were published, if not in fact lifted.

In that spirit, the photo with this post was taken by an unfortunately anonymous photographer for the long-dead Palo Alto Times. It appears with the Palo Alto Online story, and if it was imported from there, perhaps that is appropriate repayment for the borrowed quotes.

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