Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making the Case for Running Shoes

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Alex said...

Frankly, I am relieved that there are more and more studies coming out against barefoot running. This solidifies for me that 99.9% of the barefoot community are recreational runners that don't have to endure any physical demand that a serious, competitive high school, collegiate, or professional runner has to endure. Here's another link that further debases this "fad" in more than its efficiency, but right to the spot that they take pride in: injures.

I hope that anyone that reads Born to Run will realize that the tribe that can run efficiently for 200 miles at a time had grown up not wearing shoes and they never run on cement. When discussing being born to run, you can't ignore the fact that the barefoot societies are also so incredibly underdeveloped they don't have to worry about cement. So yeah, go ahead and be barefoot. But you'll have to turn back the clock to when you started walking and you'll have to move somewhere where they don't have cement.

Here's a semi-elite marathoner's take on the unbearable barefoot ultra fad:

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