Thursday, March 01, 2012

San Jose State coaching position

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Anonymous said...

If San Jose St were to pull from the Bay Area HS ranks of coaches who do you think would be the top 3 candidates?

Anonymous said...

Victor SantaMaria- Willow Glen. Best coach, great person. Would improve SJSU quickly.

Anonymous said...

It will be the son of the retired coach who is now the assistant so this it a moot point.

But... There is so much more that goes into coaching college. A great HS coach may not make a great college coach. Unfortunately in the college ranks you need to be the best recruiter, not the best coach.

San Jose St. is a tough sell. In the middle of downtown, run down facilities, no track team, weak football team, no real identity. Kind of a commuter school. The days of speed city are gone. It will take a very special coach to bring back SJSU to its glory days and a special person to do so. Someone much bigger than the local coaches around here.

Whoever it is I suggest getting plugged into the local community. It amazes me how football coaches talk frequently with local feeder programs but XC coaches could care less. I think it is time to take a page from the football playbook.

Kevin Liao said...

"It will be the son of the retired coach who is now the assistant so this it a moot point."

You're probably right, but it will be sad when it happens. They have both been doing a poor job with the program and the son doesn't deserve to continue.

San Jose State doesn't have the greatest set up for a great cross country team but a solid coach can always build something out of nothing. Schools like Columbia and USF find a way to run despite being in an urban area. SJSU isn't all that far from good places to train like the Guadeloupe Creek Trail and have access to the football team's grass fields.

I definitely agree that the next SJSU coach needs to communicate with local high schools. Having good relationships with local coaches is a huge key to landing good recruits.

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