Friday, March 09, 2012

Early reports from Dan Gabor Invitational

The winners of the fastest heats:
Girls' 1600m.  Christine Bayliss San Ramon Valley HS 5:15.19
Boys' 1600m. Trevor Fuhriman Monte Vista HS 4:16.15
Girls' 800m. Madison Ricks California HS 2:13.55
Boys' 800m. Luis Luna Piner HS 1:56.46
Girls' 3200m. Carrie Verdon 10:33.38
Boys' 3200m. Luis Luna Piner (reported 9:12)


NCS ftw said...

Luis Luna is tearing it up! looks like he's been doing some speed work too

Anonymous said...

Have the results been posted for Friday's events somewhere on the web?

Albert Caruana said...


Anonymous said...

Luna had his hands full, didn't win until final lean. SEV milers are tough. I'd love to see them in the 4 x 1600 at Arcadia and take down some so call teams!

Anonymous said...

They were posted at the meet. How hard is it to have a website and post a PDF file. Come on now this is the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. The meet ended at 11 PM. You can't expect someone to stay up a couple hours after that to post the results, especially when they have to get up early and come back to the meet the next day. Have patience, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Really? "save as PDF"

Click print.

Don't see a few hours, more like minutes. Great meet but the meets like this need to get with it!

Anonymous said...

^ feel free to get out there and help/offer advice if you don't like the way things are run

hank said...

You never know what might be going on "behind the scenes". Maybe the results might need some "cleaning up" before released to the web (for once that happens, good luck trying to get them back). Maybe the results guy's mind is "fried for the night" (like pulling an all-nighter studying) and all he can think about is the pillow knowing that tomorrow is going to be a looooong day. maybe he's still waiting for the field event results because the official put them in his bag and left for home without turning them in. I'm sure there are lots more but these are just some of the ones that quickly come to my mind as a timer/results guy.


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