Sunday, March 11, 2012

KBell Race Videos

This is a must see video (Boys' 1600m. won by Kevin Bishop of Monta Vista HS):

Girls' 1600m. won by Anna Maxwell of SLV HS:


Anonymous said...

Very exciting!
Does anyone know of a video of the varsity boys 4X400?

postfontaine said...

An awesome video indeed. Does anyone know if Bishop will be focusing on the 1600 this season and if Foster will be focusing on the 3200? It's still early in the season, I know. I just figured that since they ran the opposite events last year, maybe they decided to switch places/events this year for the heck of it. It would definitely be exciting to see both of them race both events together, if possible.

Anonymous said...

Bishop is clearly a 3200 but I wouldn't put it against their crew of Bishop, Davis and Waschura to all double.

Here is my predictions:

Bishop (1600/3200): Why not? 3200 win is his unless something goes awry. He can focus on 3200 at State.

Davis (1600 / 800): With an XC season under his belt the mile looks to be his best event. 800 is after the mile so again, why not?

Waschura (1600 / 800): Defending Champ in both so again... why not?

Albert Caruana said...

That's always the fun part if you are a really talented athlete as to what event(s) you will select. Do you double and or just focus on one? How do you pick that one event? Who are your potential competitors at the section meet? What about at state? How hard will you have to run just to qualify?

Anonymous said...

Still very early. Many others can throw some fire in the mix.
800 is kinda weak this year. not a lot of depth. Davis, Waschura, Manning.1,2,3. Anyone know if Cody Johnson(slv) is hurt/ineligible.

Mile has Washchura, Davis, Bishop, Foster, Prior, Hester, Murphy(SI), Miguel Vasquez(hill),Mitch Martin(hmb), Garibay(YB) and McCabe(WG)that can all shake up the mile.
2 Mile Bishop, Foster, Estifanoss, Myjer is my pick to win it, can all challenge Bishop. Throw in Vasquez, Ho, McCabe,and Pedro.

It's gonna be fun to watch at CCS.
We will have a better idea after ARCADIA/Stanford. Sucks they are the same day.

It's very early, and many good invites coming up.

Ccs TOP 8 may have ARCADIA fast times. It's at San Jose City Colleges Mondo track only a few weeks before everyones league finals.Good luck to all

postfontaine said...

Is Myjer doing track this year? I thought he always did just lacrosse in the spring. Although I don't see why he can't do both. Maybe he is doing track and I just haven't seen him this season.

Anonymous said...

I believe he is, but not sure how much. He's entered on his Mt. Views distance Medley team this weekend. I also heard Mt. View might be trying to break that unofficial coed 4x800 relay record. You know he would be part of that. I think SLV with Cody Johnson/Hicks, Maxwell/ and anyone else can do some damage. Cody hasnt competed yet. Wonder if he is.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. its a 4x200 coed relay. that totals a 800 relay. Sorry.

Rob Collins said...

Personally the 800m will not be week in CCS, 3 maybe 4 Guys very Capable of Running Sub 1:52. To Answer your question Cody Johnson is very Healthy and running very well. Cody Has already ran a Unofficial 1:56.42 Very Very even splits at Practice and He will Be Racing Starting Next Week! Working on alot of Strength! Also The Mixed 4X800m sounds Great, Johnson, Hicks, Maxwell and Sherman would Be a Great Relay!The Finals Will Be Great to Watch!

Albert Caruana said...

I watched the video of the boys' 1600m. again and there were 6 lead changes in the final lap. Amazing!

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