Thursday, March 01, 2012

Track closures concern runners

Want to run at a local track?  You might have to check with the district office for availability.


Anonymous said...

As a middle school coach who regularly uses the nearby high school track, I don't understand how any adult would think it acceptable to be on school property for personal reasons while school is in session or share practice space while organized school events are occurring. While many facilities are funded fully or in part with public money, the property remains private. When those for whom the facilities were built are using them we need to respect that.

Anonymous said...

Simple fix. Use track when practice is not going on. Come back at 5:30 or 6 pm... or Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, there are legal ramifications as well. All coaches that work with high school kids have to be fingerprinted and have background checks just to be on the track with the runners. Community people come on the track and act like they "own" the place... not realizing that legally they should not be in the facility around the kids unless they have gone through the proper processes that we all go through. I always put it to people like this... do you expect to go in the gym and shoot around while the basketball team is practicing? How about jumping in the pool and doing some laps while the swimming team is practicing? No... then why would you expect to be able to run around the track when the track team is practicing? Not rocket science!!!

Anonymous said...

Entitled community member: "Yeah, but my tax dollars pay for that track."

Voice of reason: "Your tax dollars pay for the classrooms too. Do you think you can go into those anytime you feel like it?"

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