Thursday, January 24, 2019

What if all California sections reshuffled teams at the state meet?

Thanks to Jesuit coach Walt Lange, you can check out what the California state meet results would have looked like for the boys this past season ran their section meets and then the teams were reshuffled at the state meet so that likewise sized teams faced each other. Some of the numbers are staggering especially the team that won Division III. 

You can check out the article at the following link:

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly how it should be. Let sections determine their state qualifiers & reseed for the state meet. Such a simple fix and so much more equable. Only problem with this is McFarland is D1 in their section and no longer gets a qualifying spot going up against the Clovis schools. But it does make it more fair for the teams competing.

What’s the argument against this?

Michael Lucid said...

I agree, seems like a no-brainer. On the other hand, I've noticed with our local league realignment (North Bay), teams were placed based on recent results ... so you have a very small school (in some sports) going up against much bigger schools. Seems like some feel that the number of students isn't the only variable that should drive placement in a league or division.

Would love to hear someone who supports the current system talk about why they think it is the way to go.

Dan T. said...

The only people you will get that support the current system are Southern Section leaders (who reap the biggest benefits, as their schools are almost always the largest in each division and win the most titles) and section commissioners who feel that their primary role is to ensure a competitive section championship. I understand that they could have both with a state meet re-seed, but there are also many traditionalists, who don't like the idea of change at all. McFarland is a prime example of an individual section deciding to make up their own rules, which resulted in crushing any opportunity for the proud program to have a reasonable chance at winning more state championships against teams of similar size.

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