Monday, January 07, 2019

2018 All-NorCal Cross Country team

This is the 65th year that this team has been selected and you can find the team members at this link:

The link to the all-time team members is at the top of that page. I also believe that this is the first time a freshman girl (Riley Chamberlain of Del Oro below) has won the NorCal female runner of the year. Congrats to all the team members for an outstanding season.


Anonymous said...

Always appreciate the extra work the coaches do to put this together.

The only omission I see is Natalie Wieland (Ponderosa, SJS) from the Freshman team (or maybe even Third-team). If compared to Haleigh Humble (Oakdale, SJS) who got a Freshman spot, she was over a minute faster at both SJS subsection and section meets.

I think her biggest item in her resume was the overall #1 time at Capitol XC in Sacramento, beating some of the 2nd and 3rd team members.

I do think a slower State meet might have hurt her chances at a higher team, but at least a freshman or honorable team mention. She certainly was consistent (sub-18 3-mile, mid-18 5k) all season going into state.


Dan T said...

I think that is a fair critique. When going through hundreds of names, times, etc., it's easiest to look at those that made it to and performed at state meet. As I am one of the SJS contributors, I'll take the hit on that one as we are given opportunity to lobby for individuals we think may have been overlooked based solely on State Meet results. I'll definitely be looking for her continued improvement in track and the next cross country season, she certainly has a bright future.

Anonymous said...

Great list. I was happy to see that Kellen Steplight received the recognition he deserved. It was interesting to me to see many former club runners whom I have watched race since they were little on this list! Great job Colin Peattie, Chris Pearson, Preston Norris, Jack Gray. Dylan Gunn, Aidan McCarthy, Lev Afonine, Adin Dibble, and Jeremy Kain. I am sure I am missing many others but these names jumped out at me.

Michael said...

Last year Gabrielle Peterson was left off the list all together while other runners from our area that Gabby beat in head to head racing were included. The rationale was that she didn't do well at State and she didn't she bonked ... had trouble with hydration and almost didn't finish.

This year, she won DV ... placed 5th at Footlocker West Regional and 23rd at Nationals. I didn't see that Riley Chamberlain competed at Footlocker ... guessing she was hurt or decided not to run for other reasons.

I'd be interested why Gabby's end of the year exploits didn't put her ahead of Chamberlain for ROY?

Albert Caruana said...

Riley qualified for NXN.

Michel said...

Thanks Coach ... as you can tell I don't posses deep knowledge of the workings of XC ... and that I am a fan of Gabby's. I've photographed her competing since her freshman year. She impressed me greatly.

If you are willing, can you educate me about the differences between the Footlocker race and the Nike race?

Dan T said...

The top 5 overall times from the CIF state meet are offered spots at NXN, if any of those pass, the option exists to offer the 6, 7, 8, etc., fastest times a spot at NXN. California is unique in that it has the latest state meet in the U.S. Foot Locker West Regionals is the weekend after state (the same weekend and almost same time as NXN). So you run in to a situation where California NXN runners aren't able to run in the Footlocker Regional race that qualifies you to run at the Foot Locker Nationals. All other states finish their state championships before their Foot Locker Regionals, so you do see runners from other states compete in both races, but it's not possible for a California runner with the current schedule.

At Stanford Riley Chamberlain ran 17:58, Peterson ran 19:37. At the State Meet Chamberlain ran 17:18, Peterson ran 17:44. Peterson had an outstanding year and was recognized for it, Chamberlain's was statistically better and worthy of ROY.

CCS Athlete said...


Footlocker and NXN are both nation meets with regional qualifying meets in the weeks before. NXN has team, individual, and at large competitors while Footlocker solely takes the top 10 individuals from each of its 4 qualifiers around the country. The Footlocker West qualifier is the exact same day as NXN, so someone running at Nike would be unable to run at the western qualifying race and therefore unable to run at Footlocker Nationals.

Anonymous said...

No offense to Peterson, but her season best at Woodward Park was 32 seconds slower than Chsmberlain. That’s a big gap. I think Chamberlain is the clear choice for ROY.

Anonymous said...

Also Riley ran a faster time at state (17:18) versus Gabby’s 17:44 although both won their respective divisions.

Michael said...

For all that responded to my comments and questions ... thanks for taking the time to educate me and share the thinking that went in to the selections.

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