Monday, April 24, 2017

Track: ‘Top 8’ Classic provides glimpse of CCS finals

A great review of last Saturday's CCS Top 8 meet at Los Gatos HS by Vytas Mazeika.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Mari Friedman did more "work" than any athlete at this meet, but was hardly mentioned. Lots of coverage for the runners-up.

Albert Caruana said...

I am sure she was covered by local newspaper.

Rob Collins said...

Mari did a fantastic job running all 3 events at Top8 and I completely agree she deserves alot of credit for her accomplishments on her performances and proving she is the athlete to beat! Albert is right though, she was covered in her local newspaper, The Santa Cruz Sentinel! The San Jose Mercury back in the early 2000's quit covering any athletes from over the hill because they are not considered local! This will happen also when it comes down to the CCS finals and State, there names will get mentioned but not the story! I have really never understood it to a certain point because they sell there newspaper in the Santa Cruz area and majority of the people read the Mercury more than the Sentinel. But unfortunately that's just the way it is! Kudos to Mari though, She has a fantastic shot of winning the 800m at State!

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