Friday, April 28, 2017

Sacramento Meet of Champions preview

Aside from the obvious high interest the sub 4 minute mile attempt by Cooper Teare tomorrow, what other events will be ones to watch at tomorrow's Sacramento Meet of Champions?


Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to see the following:

* Alyssa Brewer's time in the 400m. I anticipate she'll set a PR. Kaelin Roberts of Carson will surely win that event, but Alyssa's time will be what I'm looking at.

* Any and all times that the Denner twins post.

Anonymous said...

No Rylee Bowen! Just saw her run at the Brutus Hamilton 1500 coming in 3rd place with a 4:35.56

1 Tatiana Gillick Humboldt State 4:29.79
52.233 (52.233) 2:05.286 (1:13.054) 3:20.729 (1:15.443)
2 Tasia Potasinski Impalas 4:33.93
54.187 (54.187) 2:08.642 (1:14.455) 3:22.903 (1:14.261)
3 Rylee Bowen Unattached 4:35.56
52.856 (52.856) 2:06.304 (1:13.448) 3:21.739 (1:15.435)
4 Megan Bordes California 4:35.97

Anonymous said...

I thought you lose you eligibility for conpeting in a non cif event in your sport.

Albert Caruana said...

Not when you compete unattached. See Fiona O'Keeffe last year with her 5k at Stanford.

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