Friday, April 07, 2017

California Track and Field Invitationals live results links

Santa Rosa Twilight Invitational live results

Arcadia Invitational live results

Quicksilver Classic entries

Rocklin Thunder Invitational live results


Jackson8or said...

Holy cow, Cooper! Great moves! Keep it up, I'm proud of you!

Nils said...

All right Cooper! Great going!

Anonymous said...

Why did the Valley Christian 4 x 100 relay team to run in the day meet and in the invitational?

Albert Caruana said...

More than likely, their time during the day meet qualified them for the night meet and perhaps there was an open lane. Coach Small?

Anonymous said...

Maybe A team and B team?

pmccrystle said...

In many events at Arcadia, if you finish in the top 3 in the Saturday afternoon meet you qualify for the rated race/event, or the seeded race in some cases. Our vaulter (BCP) finished 4th in the morning on Saturday, and if he had finished 3rd he would have vaulted again in the evening! Valley finished 3rd n the day meet, so I am guessing that is why they ran again.

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