Monday, July 07, 2014

NCS Division 2 Pre-Season Rankings (Boys) by Northgate coach, Peter Brewer


Anonymous said...

Mt. Eden:
Dilpreet Singh- 16:12/(4:30/9:51)
Jahdai Bolds - 16:22/(1:59/4:28)
Leonel Gomez - (4:31/10:14)
Shameel Safiq - 16:47/(4:36/10:12)
Devjeet Sekhon- 16:50/(4:54/10:29)

Looks like the team everyone is sleeping on.

Anonymous said...

Yeshiwas of Dublin ran a 16:28 at the rainy Farmer's invitational in September. He also went sub-10 on the 3200 during his sophomore season, but had an injury that affected his performances. He should easily be Dublin's second man.

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