Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cross country interference? Toro Park news for 2014 XC Season

As reported by John Devine of the Monterey County Herald, there is word that 3 softball fields and a soccer field might be built in Toro Regional Park.  If that is the case, there is a good chance that the CCS XC championship might not take place there next year.  

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Anonymous said...

Except...not accept!

It would be a shame to lose Toro Park for cross country meets.
I guess Crystal Springs will become the permanent site for CCS champs.
This will cost Monterey County $$$

Albert Caruana said...

Correct on the typo. I emailed the author but not sure if he received my email.

Crystal Springs used to be the course for CCS every year so there is a chance that could be the case in the future.

Anonymous said...

Crystal Springs is great but Toro Park is an incredible course in itself. I really hope they don't do this.. it would be really, really, really dumb. As stated, CCS Championships are held there and huge meets like Earlybird, Chieftan, Monterey Bay Invite, etc. are held there.

Don't screw it up by putting fields right in the middle of the course.

Let the Fun Start said...

Sad to leave Toro Park but at least there will be yearly consistency for records, etc. by having it at Crystal every year. Of course with the crazy Belmont neighbors CCS could be searching for a new CCS home altogether. Ideas anyone?

Coach Small said...

We need more open space and trails. Not turf fields and paved bike paths.
This is unfortunate.

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