Thursday, April 17, 2014

CCS Top 8 Meet Entries now posted

This is always a great preview of the CCS meet as most of the top contenders will be in attendance. (MEET PROGRAM) NEW
Meet Records through 2013

What will be the most competitive event?  Best head to head match-ups?  Any meet records in jeopardy?


Anonymous said...

Sarah Robinson will likely set a meet record in the 1600 and maybe the 3200. I guess it depends which races she ultimately runs since she is entered in the 800, 1600 and 3200. Hopefully, if she decides to not show for one like she has for Stanford and Arcadia, she does it in time to let an alternate in the race.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all the .00's in the 800, 1600, and 3200? Must be nice to be Willow Glen, St. Francis, and Carlmont. Sorry to call out these schools, but you can't tell me all of the kids have a good reason for not having competed in these events, or for not having run qualifying times. 2 guys get the #3, and #4 seed in the 800, and they've never broken 2:00 this season? At least Robinson has earned her right to no show.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see Robinson go at it with Bryant in the 800. Noordham figures to be in that one too. That's a lot of muscle.

Anonymous said...

No SLV runners?
Is there another invitational they're running?
I think they sometimes run a meet in Oregon.
Anna ran great at Arcadia. It looked like she went for the upset with about 800 to go.

Craiggypop The Angry Panda said...

I'm guessing SLV is at Centennial HS Invitational (Oregon) as Anonymous at 11:47 AM posted. I believe it is where Rob went to High School and I think the meet is in its 50th year this season. Pretty cool that it is hitting 50 years. Best of luck to everyone this week!

Anonymous said...

@ 11:47 am

Humble brag?

Anonymous said...

To: 2:36 PM
Did I state something you object to? I am a CCS fan and like to see CCS runners do well.
Anna Maxwell ran the Arcadia 3200 much like Sarah Robinson ran the State 1600 last year.
They both dug deep for that something extra late in the race and risked blowing up.
The safe approach would have been to maintain pace. Neither did.
What does "Humble brag" even mean?
You could accuse anyone who responds to questions about 'who performed well?' as bragging, but bragging can only be done by the person involved.
I assure you I am not Anna Maxwell and obviously not Rob. I am not even a SLV fan.
I must admit I do enjoy the Aptos-SLV battles in XC.
I don't understand the shot.
Are you are a jealous rival?

from 11:47 AM

Rob said...

The SLV Team Has Junior/Senior Prom during Top8. Centennial Invite isn't until the following week.

hank said...

Marks are still being verified all this week. Another version will most likely be posted. Calm down, Meet Mgmnt is doing everything they can to be sure all deserving athletes get to compete.


Anonymous said...

"Humble Brag"
Took about 5 seconds to type into my search engine.

CarlGlenFrancis said...

It's hard to be an athlete when you get a new coach every year and this one doesn't even know how to enter meets. Don't blame the athletes for coaches being clueless

Coach Tim said...

And until you've been a head coach, don't presume it's an easy job that anyone could do. Especially for a large team.

Anonymous said...

Why is the 100 so slow? Everyone training for football? While the 3200 seems the deepest perhaps ever the sprints are awful.

Anonymous said...

Is the scratch meeting at 3, or 3:30?

Albert Caruana said...

The scratch meeting is at 3pm.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the link is to v2 and not v3 on the Website?

Anonymous said...

Boys varsity 1600 and 3200 look a little watered down compared to last year.

I wish Sum would race a 3200 against CCS competition already this season but it'll be interesting to see how he does in the 800 and if anybody in the 1600 like Foster can give him competition (Foster vs Sum in 1600 will be good). Foster's coming along with a 4:17/ 9:17 solid double at Arcadia last week, and obviously Sum ran 9:10 there as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:21 a.m. The difference between
training for the two events is like the difference between training a race horse as opposed to a plough horse. And just how fast is your 100m?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. So sprinting in the spring will ruin football players? TeDo you know over 60% of the NFL did track in HS? Did you know RG3 was an NCAA all-America in the hurdles? Did you know the 10 point sprinters we've seen as of late all went on to play football? Please explain how sprinting or throwing or what have you. Is so bad for football? And for the the record I've seen spring football training (which is that legal anyways?) and it's pathetic and they'd be better off working on speed.

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