Thursday, March 13, 2014

Welcome to the Dublin Distance Fiesta by De La Salle coach, John Pelster

Welcome to the 2014 Dublin Distance Fiesta!

For those of you who are returning to this event, you need no introduction to the magic of the day. For those of you who are newcomers, you are in for a fantastic, first rate, distance running extravaganza!

What makes the Distance Fiesta a favorite in the Bay Area? Why do teams come back year after year? Why has the growth of'this event been so remarkable? I believe it comes down to two factors that combine to'make the meet a wonderful experience for each athlete at the Dublin Distance Fiesta: the atmosphere and the competition.

The Distance Fiesta has a positive vibe, an electricity that puts athletes, coaches, and spectators alike in an enjoyable space. From the music, to the food, to the helpful volunteers, to the colorful Tshirts, to the winners' sombreros, to the wacky pants worn by gracious host and  meet director Chris Williams, it's impossible not to have a good time at the Fiesta!

The competition is also superlative. Because the heats of the races, the 1600s, 800s, and 3200s,
are seeded with athletes of'similar performance levels, every athlete in every heat has the opportunity to run at the front, be competitive, and go for the victory. The result of this  competitive cauldron is lots PRs for the athletes and thrilling races for the lucky spectators.

As an athlete, I wish I could have had the chance to participate in an event like the Dublin Distance Fiesta. As a coach, I am grateful that my athletes can test themselves against excellent  competition in a top notch venue; I look forward to this meet every spring. As a parent, I am  thankful for the multitude of hours and the hard work behind the scenes that goes into making an event like this the best place that a young person can be.

Best of luck to all the athletes at the track today, and throughout the season. May you race with fortitude, and may every contest be a learning experience.

Now, let’s get this Fiesta started!

John Pelster
De La Salle High School


Anonymous said...

It's a FI-ESTA!!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that this is also the best-managed meet of the season. "Runs" like clockwork. Great job Chris Williams and the many, many volunteers that make it possible. Looking forward to it!

Nils said...

And of course the music helps it roll along! This meet deserves a live You-tube channel of its own!

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