Wednesday, March 05, 2014

K-Bell Invitational Entries now posted


Anonymous said...

Why is there someone entered in the Varsity 3200 with a 14 minute time? Why is anything over 11 minutes even allowed? Last year lapped runners got in the way of a few of the top 5 guys in the last lap. Really annoying.

Anonymous said...

There will be more than one heat. There's lapped runners even in CCS. Go around you elitest cry baby. This is one of the few meets that let everyone experience an invitational. You don't like it go to another invite.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45-- I'd LOVE to hear what kind of elite time you have run for 2 miles.

Anonymous said...

At 8:04…. I doubt, in the history of CCS Finals, there has EVER been a lapped runner in the mens 3200. Last year the spread was what, 35 seconds? I'm glad there will be one heat, that will clear things up.

And 7:45… obviously I'm anonymous so feel free to think I myself run 14 minutes if you want, but I'll tell you I was flirting with sub 9 last year. It didn't happen, and I am no means, "elite," but I, like every other runner out there, have dreams and am one day closer to getting them. Get off the computer and get to work training, and please stop knocking down other runners. We're all aiming for the same thing.

Andrew said...

Yeah, those kids who are seeded at 14 minutes have hopefully been working hard too. Just like you. They have dreams too. You just told another person to "stop knocking down other runners" when you literally did the same thing. Just because they are slower than you, they don't get to run in the same invite as you?

Good luck to all this weekend. It's a big one after last weekend. Guess my team's state leader's time is about to go down :(

That's why I post as myself here. If you want to talk to me, please feel free to do so as you don't have to address me as "Anonymous."

Anonymous said...

Dear "Flirting with sub 9," you are flat out lying about your times or trolling. There was no one who ran that race last year that fits your description.

As for no one EVER getting lapped in CCS please check your history. While very rare in the final it has happened. More often in the semi finals.

You are arrogant and out of touch. Again no one will be running 14 min in the fast heat. So what is your problem?

People get lapped at every level even in the a Olympics. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:01. I did not flirt with sub-9 at K-Bell last year, I came close during the whole 2013 season. Why is that so hard to believe? (although it looks like at least 2 guys in that K-Bell race ran 9:07, i would consider that flirting with sub-9 if that they did not fulfill their potential, but those 2 guys are not me) I am not trolling. I swear on my life.

Check YOUR history. It has NEVER happened. We're talking CCS finals Men's 3200 here. Provide me one reference. PLEASE. I am not arrogant, I am not out of touch. I keep up to date with what is going on in the sport. I am VERY well informed.

And YES, because they are slower they should not be able to run in a big invite 2 mile. Would you let someone like that in the Arcadia 2 mile??? NO. They EARN it first. Just like everybody else earned their times.

I am not knocking down the runner, I am saying that the top heat of the meet should not cater to 11 minute + runners, as that would pose problems to the faster guys. Any legit coach would agree. I am glad they will have an opportunity to race in the slower heats.

Andrew said...

@Anonymous 10:47 PM

I don't think anyone wants to be seen as "annoying" because they are too slow. I don't think they see a problem with them being allowed. Thus, you were knocking them down because that's what you said about them.

It seems you are backing off those statements since you realized there are multiple heats of the varsity race, but that's not what you said in your first comment.

Rob said...

I believe everybody should be able to race, but Why isn't this young Man entered in the F/S 3200m? Since he is on a freshman.

Rob said...

Met only a freshman.

Anonymous said...

Hey kid, the comment was "There's lapped runners even in CCS" not "There;s lapped runners even in the Boys 3200 at CCS Finals."

I'm not in the mood for a history lesson but your should know that "history" goes back a lot further than the last three years. I know for a FACT there has been a lapped runner in CCS, because that was me. I had the flu and after going out at 4:42 at the mile blew up. It was my last race as a senior and I had never dropped out of a race ever and was determined to never quit.

But lets move past that as it is inconsequential. There will be more than one heat. A fast heat, a slow heat. A 14 min runner will not be in this race.

But lets be clear, no one entered in the KBell race this year ever came close to "flirting" with sub 9 last year. The fastest returning runner in CCS is Steven Sum who ran 9:18 and is not entered. So I am assuming you are a troll.

But lets educate you nonetheless. This is not Arcadia. This is a race, (and it is their race and can do what they want) that has decided to be inclusive. It is one of the first meets of the year and wants to give EVERYONE and opportunity to compete in at least one big meet. As far as I know the profits go to charity.

So again, what is the problem? The hottest 3200 in Nor Cal at the Dublin Distance Fiesta also allows all entries to compete. Please check your elitist attitude. You are not as good as you think.

One last tip, if you ever come upon a lapped runner, as nearly every medalist has done in the Olympics you move to lane two and go around.

If that is too "annoying" for you might I suggest a lane race!

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:45,
maybe because K-bell is a low-key, local invitational and Arcadia is a what, national invitational????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When did I ever say I even ran K-Bell?? I did not. I don't have an elitist attitude, but maybe if you've run into lapped runners and it negatively affected your race you would understand. Having 30+ people in a race gets tough, especially when the moment comes you have to go around them. I'm looking at it from the athlete's point of view that has to go through that.

Sorry you got lapped at finals, that must have really sucked, but props for gutting it out and finishing.

And please let me educate you. It is common track courtesy for a lapped runner to move out to lane 2, not the other way around.

I'm all for anybody being allowed to race, but NOT clogging the track with low 9 guys and 11 + guys at the same time. K-Bell is actually a pretty respectable meet, it's not some low key invite. I'm glad there's multiple heats as well. THAT SOLVES EVERYTHING.

I'm convinced you guys are just here for the sake of arguing. I've made my point clear, and have been nice and courteous the whole time, yet you guys can't have a mature conversation, trying to bash my running (when you don't even know who I am, and plus what does that have to do with the topic??) Have fun bickering, grow up while you're at it.

Albert Caruana said...

Most meets have multiple heats if necessary but you do get lapped runners sometimes in some 3200m races.

If you watched the USA Indoor men's 3k, you saw Lagat and company having to maneuver through lapped runners which is more common on the shortened indoor tracks. It's just part of racing.

TrackStar said...

The flirter with sub-9 can't even run a sub-15 5k in college. 10 seconds away isn't flirting.

Anonymous said...

I havnt even run a track race yet this season lol. @9:30

Anonymous said...

You seriously didn't know there would be multiple heats? There are 68 entries. Ad a "flirting with sub 9" runner you should know better.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the heat sheets will be posted on-line sometime today?

Anonymous said...

um, so what's a troll?

Anonymous said...

So anyone lapped in the fast heat today?

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