Wednesday, March 12, 2014

East Bay Invitational Fantastic Finish in girls 4 x 800m.

Photo by Mark-Phillip Buesa

FAT results (First four teams):
1 Monte Vista  'A'                                   10:07.27   10:07.264
  2 Miramonte  'A'                                     10:07.27   10:07.267
  3 Las Lomas  'A'                                     10:07.32
  4 Amador Valley  'A'                                 10:08.67

9th Grader Meredith Corda ekes past unidentified Miramonte runner and Las Lomas 10th grader, Chloe Hansel.


Coach Ozzie said...

Link to a video of the race (with an Amador Valley bias). Our anchor split 2:25, so there were some quick legs in there to catch her.

Jered said...

Question: is it a body part or the baton crossing that counts?

Albert Caruana said...

Body part (chest) just like a non relay event.

Anonymous said...

That finish was cray cray

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