Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dublin Distance Fiesta Top 5 List

From meet director Chris Williams:

Hello Coaches,

Since we have had the Dublin Distance Fiesta for 5 years already, I thought it would be fun to compile results and make an all-time list for the events by grade level.  I have attached the Top 5 List but as you can see, I have a few problems - the results in 2008 and 2009 did not list the grades (those results can be found at  If you know of any corrections or additions, please let me know so I can make these lists as accurate as possible.  Thanks and enjoy!

Dublin Distance Fiesta Top 5 List (2008 to current)


Anonymous said...

Your 800 leader is Sebastian Sam (not Sam Sebastian) and he was a Sr. in '08.

Anonymous said...

Since this race also include a middle school division for the mile, it would be fun to include them on the list as well.

Anonymous said...

Cameron Tu didn't run the 1600m in 2012. Duc Nguyen scratched out of the 3200m, and ran the 1600m for him as Cameron Tu was injured during the time.

Chris Williams - Dublin said...

Thanks for the corrections. They have been updated.

Kevin McCarthy said...

Here are the top Middle School results from my records
1. Gabe Arias Sheridan 4:54.13 2010
2. Nolan Petersen 4:55 (full mile) 2009
3. Matt DeVries 4:56 (full mile ) 2009
4. Leo Skellenger 4:55.97 2012
5. Connor McCarthy 4:58 (full mile) 2009

1. Sophie Hartley 5:10.2 2010
2. Annaka Green 5:10.56 2012
3. Julia Bounds 5:24.70 2012
4. Megan McCandless 5:33.64 2012
5. Kaitlyn Melo 5:47.23 2010

p.hadley said...

Delaney Inamine of Athenian in 2012 ran 12:42.85 as a freshman. The grade isn't there because (someone) entered her late. Ooops.

The Athenian Schol

Peter Brewer said...

Danny Stalters of Northgate ran the 3200 in 9:48.20 in 2012 as a junior.

Anonymous said...

Be interesting to hear where some of these kids who have graduated and hold past Top 5 times have gone on to, whether running in college or not.

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