Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stanford Invitational Girls Mile results

All heats combined...
  1 Anna Maxwell                 San Lorenzo Valley     4:47.01   1
  2 Sarah Robinson               Henry M. Gunn          4:49.26   1
  3 Nikki Hiltz                  Aptos                  4:51.52   1 4:51.513
  4 Clare Peabody                Aptos                  4:51.52   1 4:51.519
  5 Julia Maxwell                Branson School         4:55.91   1
  6 Vanessa Fraser               Scotts Valley          4:56.43   1
  7 Kylie Goo                    Westmoor               5:02.55   2
  8 Valerie Mares                Colony                 5:03.70   2
  9 Claire MacMillan             San Lorenzo Valley     5:03.86   2
 10 Melissa Reed                 Mountain View          5:04.15   2
 11 Faith Makau                  Enochs                 5:06.14   1
 12 Mackenzie Mills              Vintage                5:06.85   2
 13 Hannah Wood                  Presentation           5:07.35   2
 14 Laney Teaford                Davis                  5:07.46   1
 15 Lauren Larocco               St. Francis            5:08.62   3
 16 Brooke Starn                 Monte Vista            5:08.67   2
 17 Cassidy Webber               Palos Verdes           5:09.04   2
 18 Vanessa Estrada              San Benito             5:09.89   2
 19 megan bordes                 Redwood (Larkspur)     5:09.91   2
 20 Maryann Gong                 Granada                5:10.12   1
 21 Sophie Meads                 Davis                  5:11.05   1
 22 Maya Weigel                  Mountain View          5:13.25   2
 23 Madison Ricks                California (           5:14.78   1
 24 Amy Heyn                     Del Oro                5:15.45   1
 25 Ellie Velez                  Oak Ridge              5:17.12   2
 26 Katie Spence                 St. Ignatius           5:17.79   3
 27 Annie Marggraff              Acalanes               5:18.56   3
 28 Emily Fieberling             Bishop O'Dowd          5:20.09   3
 29 Lauren Gagnon                Palos Verdes           5:20.25   3
 30 Skylar Thiel                 Palos Verdes           5:21.61   3
 31 Kandace Compton              El Camino (S           5:21.85   1
 32 Lacey Conner                 St. Mary's Academy     5:22.24   3
 33 Amihan Agustin               James Logan            5:23.38   3
 34 Breanna Sewell               Vacaville              5:23.44   3
 35 Katharine Smiley             Monte Vista            5:24.05   3
 36 Julia Cooke                  Bishop O'Dowd          5:24.20   3
 37 Katrina Fix                  Colony                 5:26.00   2
 38 Kaila Gibson                 Soquel                 5:28.93   2
 39 Anika Renken                 South Pasadena         5:37.25   3


Anonymous said...

CCS is Freaking loaded!

Anonymous said...

SCCAL is Freaking loaded!

hank said...

My goodness, I'll be updating alot of marks on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous seems pretty quiet tonight. Not so much mud to sling apparently. Guess when the kids let it out - the adults prove how childish they are.

Anonymous Said... said...

I was taking the day off but I'm happy to troll and sling mud. Please provide today's topic.

Anonymous said...

It was very disappointing/frustrating to see so many girls with false times in the first heat. Ended up screwing a few who really did deserve heat 1ʻs level of competition and does not do less competitive runners any favors. So much for being honest.

John said...

Anonymous @9:24am

The whining on this website is sometimes too much.

Please enlighten us on who had the false times as I haven't seen the actual seed times? Who had faster PRs in heat 2 coming into the meet that should have replaced them?

The entry guidelines state "It is recommended that the following performances have been achieved in the 2012 or 2013 season."

Here are the girls in Heat 1 in places 7-11 with their PRs coming into the meet:

4:59.08 (2012 - made CIF 1600 final)
5:05.25 (2012)
5:05.38 (2013)
5:02.54 (2012)
4:59.25 (2012 - 7th in CIF 800)
5:03.25 (2012)
5:08? (2010)

Some girls really stepped up their game this past weekend while others didn't run their best race. That's life. Accusing people of being undeserving and screwing over others without backing it up is classless...

Anonymous said...

@ John. My previous comment was just that a comment. To "rat" out coaches and their athletes at this point, now that would be classless. The fact that times are made up by some is no secret. For those of us that are honest itʻs just plain frustrating when our athletes lose out of an opportunity to compete at the next level because of others dishonestly.
Comments done.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Athletes in Heat 1, they all looked pretty legit times from this year and past! I Not sure if Heat two would have ran much faster, both races looked pretty well paced and the 2nd Heat could have fallen off pace and not have ran as fast, because of the faster pace like some runners did fall off pace in Heat 1 after 800m's!Both races I feel ran to there potential as showed, yes they might have either ran a 2nd faster or slower but we will never Know! Great Races out of all 3 Heats though!

John said...

@12:15pm since you're still complaining let me rephrase my question. Who in Heat 2 had a PR coming into the meet that should have landed them in Heat 1?

A case can be made for Kylie Goo as she ran a 5:08.48 mile last year at Stanford.

Who else given the actual PRs I listed earlier? Give their PR too.

If you are just going to comment again that other coaches are dishonest, my daughter lost out on an opportunity, woe is me, blah, blah blah then please go somewhere else....

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