Wednesday, February 08, 2012

High school track prodigy Oshier could rewrite record books at Humboldt State


Anonymous said...

Did Oshier run XC at Humboldt? Until I see some times, I'm not expecting much. I figured Oshier was pissed about being ineligible, so he decided to give up, go to weed-capital of CA (Humboldt), and get stoned af.

Doug Griffith said...

I'm sure Oshier will do very well at Humboldt and have a great college career. I'm really looking forward to watching him run against strong college competition in the 1500M.

However, it is truly unfortunate that he cannot pursue a degree from Cal. In the long run, a Cal degree and access to the Cal alumni network will provide him with significantly greater post-track career opportunities.

The issue for me is how in the world did Cal allow him to get on-campus and training with the team before someone realized that Oshier wasn't eligible for D1 athletics? Of course, I do not know all the circumstances of the situation. However, based on information in the Times-Standard article, I have to conclude that both the Trabuco Hills High School counseling office, and the Cal Athletic Dept./Academic Compliance people dropped the ball badly on this issue. My experience is that before a kid is even invited for an official visit, much less extended any scholarship money, the student's transcripts and admissibility to that school is resolved prior to these events.

I wish Oshier great success and what a great pickup for Humboldt State and Coach Pesch, but is does appear the recruiting process failed this young man and this issue should have been resolved before he set foot on the Cal campus.

Anonymous said...

There is no date mentioned when Oshier's online classes were taken. Online classes are not traditional classes and I assume send up red flags for the NCAA. Too bad for Mr. Oshier, but at least he did not lose a season of Track in waiting on his eligibily to be determined by the NCAA.

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