Sunday, February 12, 2012

Final Los Gatos All-Comers Meet (2/11/12)

Some familiar names took part.  Check out the impressive early season times.



Papa Smurf said...

This is not a slam on SLV or Sturges but I do wonder how they are going to sustain this.

Again, not a slam...but rather a real question. How?

How does Rupp run an AR in the 2 mile now and expect to be even better at the Olympics? How can college kids peak for XC, run fast indoors and sustain top speed until June for NCAA & OT?

This goes against data I have heard about only racing 3-4 top performances a year. And please don't day that Rupp running a PR / AR is not his best... it is.

Rob Collins said...

We Do a all- Comer's every year,and it has never Hurt Us before in the 13 years that I I have been Coaching at SLV also when I was Coaching up In Oregon! i also know Sturgess has done the same thing and it didn't hurt her also last year and she went into far June! It all Depends On your Program and How You Coach it! You Need to look around the State more In results and In the Country! this Just happen to our First meet to get the Kinks out and alot of others there 3rd to maybe there 10 race!Would of add other Kids run but Johnson(FLU)and Hicks (CSU Testing) For me this fits in My program and How I coach and work with my kids!The Interesting part is when i get out of building and decide to put some speed into it!But that will be awhile for that and get them proper rest when they get it! Personally I'm not into these data's or reading books tryed but very bored with them The most important part the kids believe in Me and trust me to the fullest!The One thing I can say I am glad we are not on the East Coast racing then there's alot of thinking going on there! I also feel I'm in a very unique area for training! Every run we have is always Hilly with 5000 acres of trails 50 yds from are track along a creek so for this we will always have a strength run of regardless on how fast they run it slow or hard, prefer slow though! In my program i do give them breaks or we skip a couple of meets so they can get rest! Basically For me it works. I don't take it like a Slam either, I've had plenty of those but then who doesn't!

Rob Collins said...

Oh Forgot, Racing sometimes are just part of My Interval workout depends on what we do the day prior and before and after the race!

hank said...

Or another way to look at these "early season" marks is to think of them as "indoor season" marks where everyone is looking to "peak" for the Brooks PR in 2 weeks and then take some "down time" before getting into the outdoor season. Or maybe they're just that good. :)


Rob Collins said...

Correct Hank!

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