Thursday, February 02, 2012

CCS Girls' teams to watch this spring courtesy of MV Moose

1. Mountain View: Return all individual scorers from last year's runner up team. Has four girls in the NorCal top 10.
2. Piedmont Hills: One stellar freshman from stealing this year's crown.
3. Aptos: Also has four girls in the NorCal top 10.
4. Saratoga: They slide up in the events where seniors graduated. A move to the tough-as-nails De Anza Division gives them early season competition.
5. Mt. Pleasant: If they add another jumper or sprinter, could retain their crown.
6. Wilcox: Have a Senior and Sophomore from last year's team to carry them to a top finish this spring
7. Valley Christian: Return a top notch runner and jumper. 
8. St. Francis: Return the best relay teams in the CCS
9. Everyone else: There are great athletes that are a joy to watch and cheer on. Everyone in the CCS is a champion to me!

Lastly. I can assure you of one thing. A few freshmen, injuries, return from injuries, and more will totally juggle these at the end of the season.


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