Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 North Coast Section Preview Men

From THE CONNING TOWER (top 10 returning athletes in each event):

Who are the heavy favorites this year?  Who are the contenders that are not listed?


NCSfan said...

Super-Heavyweights - (Most likely to end their season at the top of the list where they started):

-Andre McBride(San Leandro) - 100m
-Nick Bayley(Amador Valley) - 400m
-Michael Barton(DLS) - 300mH
-Noel Frazier(Cal) - HJ

*Before XC I would have said Luis Luna would be pretty locked in at the 3200m, but Thomas Joyce was close enough all season that it's not necesarily a guarantee at this point.

**I thought it was interesting that Heritage, Amador Valley, and Deer Valley all have two runners on the top 400m list. Should lead to an interesting 4x4 at MOC.

***One last thing to take from XC: It looks like Parker Deuel is back and ready to roll so if he stays healthy I think we can expect to see him competing for that top spot in the 1600m and possibly the 800m.

NCSfan said...

Also, What are they putting in the water over at the DeLaSalle hurdle practices?? Probably the makings of one of the best 110m shuttle-hurdle relay teams in the state right there.

John Pelster said...

FYI, Michael Johnson and Connor Van Meter (DLS 3200m runners) graduated in 2011.

Anonymous said...

hah!-Urban of SF has another good 800m runner named Cole...

Anonymous said...

Didn't... He... Graduate?

Anonymous said...

SRV had their time trials this morning-4 boys in the 800 came in under 2:00-Parker D went 1:55. Gonna be a deep year for SR!!!!

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