Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lowell Invitational course in 2009

For those of you that compare times from previous seasons, I thought it would be good to remind you all that in 2009, both courses (FS and Varsity) ran a bit short due to a fun house!  (oh yeah).

This was from meet director Andy Leong in 2009:

Distance of Course
I wheeled the course adjustment today and these were the results:

The F/S course was shorter by 112 yards for the 1st Freshman Boys race (making it 2.07) and by 130 yards for race 2 through 6 (making it 2.06)

The Varsity course was shorter by 260 yards making it 2.78 miles.

Bellarmine coach Patrick McCrystle measured the courses out with his GPS watch after the meet on Saturday and had the Varsity course at 2.8 and the F/S course at 2.07.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the 2011 courses are accurate at: 2.13 and 2.93? how do the times from this weekend compare to those in the past when the distance was the same (not the short courses)? Thnks

pmccrystle said...

I ran the course with a Garmin watch, and the distances are accurate this year at 2.13 and 2.93 Two years ago the course was shorter due to another event in the far eastern edge of Speedway Meadows, but the last two years it has been returned to the distances listed above.

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