Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 CCS Team Rankings & Individual Comparisons

From the following link on Hank Lawson's website:
SJ Mercury News Team Rankings - 09/14

Rank  BOYS                   Div  Prv Rank
1     Bellarmine                      D1
2     Menlo-Atherton            D1
3     San Benito                      D1
4     Cupertino                       D2
5     Carlmont                        D1
6     Los Gatos                       D2
7     Los Altos                         D2
8     Monta Vista                    D1
9     Aragon                             D2
10    San Lorenzo Valley       D4
11    Half Moon Bay               D4
12    Carmel                            D4
13    Mountain View              D2
14    Gunn                               D1
15    Leland                             D2

1     San Lorenzo Valley         D4
2     Mountain View                D2
3     St. Francis                        D2
4     San Benito                         D1
5     Carlmont                           D1
6     Gunn                                  D1
7     Presentation                     D2
8     Scotts Valley                    D4
9     Sacred Heart Cathedral D3
10    Los Gatos                        D2
11    Aragon                             D2
12    Valley Christian-SJ       D3
13    Aptos                               D3
14    Half Moon Bay               D4
15    St. Ignatius                     D2


Anonymous said...

ncs rankings?

Albert Caruana said...

NCS Rankings will come out following the Stanford Invitational.

Feel free to comment on the top teams and individuals in NCS in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

any idea when some sjs rankings come out?

Albert Caruana said...

Hoping to have something this weekend.

MadMatt said...

SJS rankings should be interesting. A couple of schools have not been running their top varisity girls much and at least one HS has not really even fielded a full varisity girls team yet. There are a couple of "sleeper" freshmen as well that should be getting bootstrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

Albert Caruana said...

It would help if you identified those schools and freshmen.

Who belongs on a list of top 10 teams (boys and girls) in SJS right now? Who are the top individuals?

MadMatt said...

Albert - that is tough. My comments are more of an observation. Oakridge has not had a full girls varsity team - only 2 seniors and a junior. They will be running a full varsity team at Stanford bringing up 1 or 2 freshmen and 2 or three sophs. Vista Del Lago - Clare did not run and they have a really good freshmen who won the frosh soph race. Oakmont, Lodi, and St. Francis appear to not be running all of their varsity girls every race but I have no information as to why. Here is my un-scientific list:

St. Francis
Vista Del Lago
Bella Vista
Granite bay
Oakridge (unknown but some good young runners)

Comments and criticism welcome.

MadMatt said...

Top females: Madeline Ankeylhi (sp?), Clare Carroll, Cassidy Daley (lodi), Sophie Meads (davis), Karlie Garcia (Oakmont), Katie Messereau (sp?) (granite bay), Karina Nunes (woodcreek).
Very good but tend to be off the radar outside of SJS: Jeriann Wells (pleasant grove) Marissa Carino (Oakmont), Lauren Larocco (st francis), Jessica Diaz (st. francis), Brooke Ruppenthal (ponderosa), Maxine Goyette (oakridge); Sara Lack (Bella Vista).

Other good runners: Shayna Powless (Roseville), Jillian brown (mcclatchy (?)), Alison Klas (St. Francis) Becky Hobby (Hughson (?) ????????; reaghan Emrick (oakridge – has been hurt); Rachel peterson and Hollie Arieta (hurt) (oakridge)

Good freshman: Sierra Jaeger (vista del lago), elie velez (oakridge), peyton bilo and Miranda ? (st. francis), Kylie Michaels (Oakmont). Probably missing a bunch here.

There are plenty of others that I have missed and will leave it up to other people to fill in.

ALSO - This listing is very bias to Sacramento and surrounding areas as a disclaimer because that is the area I am familiar with.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting for two weeks for Girls Division rankings to come out on dyestatcal. Last week Div 1 posted but nothing else. Then we got CIF SS Division rankings, NCAA Div I ranks, and Top Freshman. I checked a couple times to make sure, but my url wasn't dyestatSOcal. Hmmm, just wondering. Thanks, Albert, for covering the other half of the state, the upper 600 miles.

Albert Caruana said...

No problem. There was clearly a lack of coverage for the northern part of the state and I want to make sure that the deserving teams and individuals get their due recognition.

It's not a solo effort however. Any help with results, information, rankings, positive vibes etc. are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

San Lorenzo Valley is looking great. How does a small school constant;y turn out some of the best teams and individuals in the whole CCS? Impressive!

Albert Caruana said...

Here is my interview with SLV coach Rob Collins. He is definitely a big reason for their success.

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