Monday, September 12, 2011

Local Redwood Empire College XC Results

Summary = There are 18 active former local Redwood Empire athletes contributing on four year University/College teams right now with 5 of those leading their respective teams as follows:

-Reesey Byers (Santa Rosa ’10) = Sac State
-Leanne Fogg (Maria Carrillo ’07) = Cal Poly
-Alia Gray (Maria Carrillo ’07) = Chico
-Sarah Sumpter (Healdsburg ’08) = UC Davis
-Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande ’10) = UNC  

Williams University: Celeste Berg (Monty ’09) off this week, running #2 for team (?) and nice pic/article to highlight the season outlook:

-Reesey Byers (Santa Rosa ’10) = Led team to third place finish in Hornet Jamboree 5K 19:36 with 6th place overall:

University of Colorado:
Hugh Dowdy (Petaluma ’10) = running #7/8 on nationally ranked team; finished 10th in CU time trial alumni run 8K 26:29:

Cal Poly State University: Leanne Fogg (Maria Carrillo ’07) = led women’s team with team victory in UC Irvine Invite and overall 2nd place finish 17:29 5K:

Lewis & Clark: Olivia Foster (Analy ’09)= On roster, but no results yet (not sure she’s running?):

-Alia Gray (Maria Carrillo ’07) =  Wildcats rule at Humboldt Invite, Alia Gray leads Chico State women’s team to a resounding victory with a time of 21:44 6K
-Shannon Rich (Rancho Cotate ’07) = Running #4 for team, finished 6th overall in Humboldt Invite = 22:26 6K

Amherst College: Gus Greenstein (Maria Carrillo ’10) = On roster, injured most of last year no competitions yet this year:

UC San Diego: Daniel Hauptman (Maria Carrillo ’11) = running #5 for team, finished 8th overall with 22:15 time for 4 miles in season opener + ran #9 for team in 26:22 at UC Irvine Invite 8K:

Georgetown University: Brian King (Cardinal Newman ’10) = running #8 for team (?) finishing in 26:29 8K and 15th overall in recent Lou Onesty Open:

Loyola Marymount: Sterling Lockert (Petaluma ’09) = running #1/#3 (?) last year but didn’t see in Fullerton Season Opener results =

University of Arizona: Rory McLeod (Santa Rosa ’09) = finished #4 for team and 27th overall 28:55 8K in George Kyte Classic/Arizona to help team to 3rd place finish:

Willamette University: Sarah McSweeney (Casa ’09) = running #5 for team (?) from last year; no results available from this year thus far:

Biola University: Kasy Schiliach (Piner ’10) = running #9 for team (?) 18:17 for 4.5K as team wins Redlands Invite:

-Sarah Sumpter (Healdsburg ’08) = leading women’s team in first two competitions 13:54 in 4K for team victory in Aggie Open and leading team to 1st place finish in 5K Hornet Jamboree running 17:15 in 5K for overall 3rd place individual finish
-Lauren Wallace (Ukiah ’08) = running #8 for team (?) 14:34 in 4K Aggie Open, not in results for Hornet Jamboree.

University of North Carolina: Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande ’10) = Off this week, but lead runner for UNC team last week at UNC Invite:

…Not sure if there are others I may have missed?

-Greg Fogg (who compiled the above list)
Maria Carrillo HS XC Head Coach

Feel free to add other Northern California runners that are currently competing college in the comment section below.  

Here is one addition which is Ben Eversole formerly of Castro Valley who was the Ivy League co-rookie of the week: 


Anonymous said...

What happened to Kevin Griffith from SRV? Seemed like he made a splash last year, but haven't heard anything lately...

Kevin Griffith said...

I'm in the process of transferring schools. I have decided to pursue a degree in industrial engineering which is not offered at Davis. I.m currently speaking with other schools and will be visiting a few schools over the next few weeks. I will have a decision by end of October and start school in January. For now, just training hard and rooting for my friends and Aggie teammates.

Stein Waugh said...

Or you could just do a real major...

Anonymous said...

Or you could grow up Stein.

Anonymous said...

Forrest Shaffer runs for Washington State University

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kevin, I'm sure you will be successful wherever you end up. Good luck with your college selection and kudos to you for making your academic major your priority!

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