Thursday, April 07, 2011

CCS Leaders courtesy of Palo Alto Online

As of Tuesday, April 5

400 relay -- Piedmont Hills 48.40, Mitty 48.55, St Francis 50.04, Wilcox 50.20, Los Altos 50.34, St Ignatius 50.49, Saratoga 50.93, Salinas 51.28, Leigh 51.38, Mtn View 51.50.

1600 -- Hiltz (Aptos) 5:01.30c, Sturges (Mt View) 5:02.14c, Tsolis (Presentation) 5:07.77, Robinson (Gunn) 5:08.15c, Welsh (Monterey) 5:08.80, Maxwell (SLV) 5:09.49c, Knapp (Los Gatos) 5:09.58, Gallagher (Gunn) 5:09.63c, Hong (Carmel) 5:09.97, Fraser (Scotts Valley) 5:11.54.

100 hurdles -- Walker (Mt Pleasant) 14.17, Leath (Mt Pleasant) 15.19, Yen (Saratoga) 15.48, Alexis (St Ignatius) 15.56, Haar (Mitty) 15.60, Auzenne (St Francis) 15.82, Wood (Mitty) 15.89, Dobbins (Woodside) 16.03, Davis (King City) 16.09, Choroski (Gunn) 16.12.

400 -- Bamberg (Hill) 55.74, Bryant (Piedmont Hills) 57.31, Hardiman (Wilcox) 57.64, Price (Menlo) 58.62, Sturges (Mtn View) 59.07, Knapp (Los Gatos) 59.29, Madigan (St Francis) 59.30, Noordam (Pioneer) 59.42, Connell (Harker) 59.80, Wobber (Los Altos) 59.97.

100 -- Diaz (Piedmont Hills) 12.28, Cline (Leigh) 12.29, Smallwood (Valley Christian) 12.30, Walker (Mt Pleasant) 12.38, Todd (Piedmont Hills) 12.42, Davis (Mitty) 12.51, Williams (Leigh) 12.63, Seymour (Mitty) 12.66, Auzenne (St Francis) 12.75, Wickliffe (Wilcox) 12.84.

800 -- Gallagher (Gunn) 2:16.97, Tsolis (Presentation) 2:17.68, Sturges (Mtn View) 2:18.29, Huang (Lynbrook) 2:18.68, Katz (Los Gatos) 2:19.25, Bowie (Los Altos) 2:20.15, Knapp (Los Gatos) 2:20.38, Cleveland (Santa Teresa) 2:20.92, Bryant (Piedmont Hills) 2:21.23, Kiesow (Willow Glen) 2:21.49.

300 hurdles -- Walker (Mt Pleasant) 45.32, Yen (Saratoga) 46.31, Wood (Mitty) 47.01, Dobbins (Woodside) 47.59, Fkiaras (Leland) 47.94, Madigan (St Francis) 48.14, Mina (St Ignatius) 48.32, Choroski (Gunn) 48.36, Haar (Mitty) 48.45, Vance (Los Gatos) 48.52.

200 -- Cline (Leigh) 25.05, Bamberg (Hill) 25.27, Diaz (Piedmont Hills) 25.30, Smallwood (Valley Christian) 25.40, Davis (Mitty) 25.63, Todd (Piedmont Hills) 25.80, Wickliffe (Wilcox) 25.85, Seymour (Mitty) 25.99, Bryant (Piedmont Hills) 26.04, Williams (Leigh) 26.18.

3200 -- Lira (Valley Christian) 11:08.46, Fraser (Scotts Valley) 11:10.14, Robinson (Gunn) 11:11.92, Welsh (Monterey) 11:13.43, Kriege (Mitty) 11:18.62, Castro (Los Gatos) 11:19.94, Johnson (Leland) 11:21.19, Hiltz (Aptos) 11:26.63, Vasquez (Presentation) 11:35.12, Schreck (Carlmont) 11:46.91c.

1600 relay -- St Francis 4:03.47, Mt View 4:04.45, Los Gatos 4:04.70, Lynbrook 4:06.97, Los Altos 4:09.24, Leland 4:10.77, Aptos 4:12.15, SLV 4:12.41, St Ignatius 4:12.76, Gunn 4:13.71.

High jump -- McKown (Mtn View) 5-6, McDonald-O'Brien (St Ignatius) 5-4, Miyashita (Aptos) 5-4, Baird (Gunn) 5-3, Maggioncalda (Gunn) 5-2, Bassi (St Francis) 5-2, Ross (Santa Teresa) 5-2, San Juan (St Francis) 5-2, Hettema (Willow Glen) 5-2, Jung (Mitty) 5-2, Plascencia (Watsonville) 5-2.

Long jump -- Walker (Mt Pleasant) 20-0, Leath (Mt Pleasant) 18-2, Nguyen (Saratoga) 17-2 1/4, Sato (Valley Christian) 17-0 1/2, Maggioncalda (Gunn) 16-10 1/2, Chen (Los Gatos) 16-10, Chan (St Ignatius) 16-9, Nicolas (Mt Pleasant) 16-9, Santos (Mitty) 16-7 3/4, Taylor (Santa Teresa) 16-7.

Triple jump -- Leath (Mt Pleasant) 39-10, Walker (Mt Pleasant) 39-9, Nguyen (Saratoga) 35-7, Adam (Santa Clara) 35-4, Kwiatkowski (Wilcox) 35-2 1/2, Eggleston (Mitty) 35-2 1/2, Li (Los Altos) 35-2 1/4, Nicolas (Mt Pleasant) 34-10, Johnson (St Francis) 34-9 3/4, Sanders- Curry (Santa Teresa) 34-9 1/2.

Discus -- Rowe (Mtn View) 125-6, Steadman (Leigh) 117-8, Mattos (Aptos) 116-5, Alnas (San Benito Hollister) 116-1, Cueva (Watsonville) 114-11, Kimbo (Gilroy) 104-1, Kellogg (SLV) 103-9, Mendoza (Mills) 103-6, Roley (Mtn View) 102-6, Banda (Oak Grove) 101-11.

Shot put -- Steadman (Leigh) 37-4, Sandoval (Gilroy) 36-9 3/4, Mendoza (Mills) 36-5 1/2, Ossai (Mitty) 36-4.5, Kimbo (Gilroy) 36-3, Smart (Mercy-Burl) 35-10, Egberua (Del Mar) 35-9 1/4, Rowe (Mtn View) 35-2 1/2, Pale (St Francis) 35-1, Alnas (San Benito Hollister) 34-5 1/2.

Pole vault -- Bolton (Homestead) 11-6, Planell (Los Altos) 11-6, Jaques (Presentation) 11-2, Vinson (Aptos) 11-0, Benham (St Francis) 10-7, Hendel (Westmont) 10-6, Soley (Westmont) 10-6, Lackides (SLV) 10-0, Engle (Homestead) 10-0, Flynn (Carlmont) 10-0, Schade (Carlmont) 10-0.

==B C = converted from yards==


Anonymous said...

I'm digging through some old results on lynbrooks site and noticed back in the day, the 5000 meters was run a lot. St. Francis Inv, Stanford, Bruce Jenner, West Valley. What ever happened to the 5k? Why not have it in the CCS? and State? You could do like NCAA and have an auto time so you dont need to run a bunch of qualifying rounds. I mean they run that far in XC!

Albert Caruana said...

Good question.

I think runners are so focused on the 3 main distance races (800m., 1600m. and 3200m.) that they tend to stay away from doing 5000m. races during track season. When you checked out the races that did hold 5000m. races, what was the size of those fields?

I know Arcadia had a 5000m. a few years ago but that tended to water down the 3200m. races which is why I think they no longer field a 5000m. race.

I know some coaches have tried to add the 4 x 800m. and the 4 x 200m. to the state meet schedule. It's been a while since the current meet schedule has been tinkered with so the chances of adding the 5000m. race to the schedule is not very good.

Anonymous said...

I think the 5k would be a great addition! Though it will never change as the "old guys" in charge a little grumpy and don't like change.

a 4 x 800 or Distance Med would be awesome as well. Why not?

And why not just run a 5k instead of 3200. That event is only run in HS and nowhere else. And to say it dilutes the distance races like the 800 is like saying the 100 dilutes the 400. Maybe but they are completely different races.

If we want to step up on the world distance stage lets not be afraid of running over 2 miles. You just need to do it right. Maybe a 14:50 auto time to state you can run at any point in the year. or maybe a 15:30 auto time to CCS Finals (no league or semi-rounds). It can be done, it just needs to be done correctly.

The old timers in the 70's and 80's weren't afraid of running longer. But then we backed off and the 90's slump began. But like I said, it will never change... we're afraid of it!

John said...

The 5000 would be nice, but do any states run it @ states?

Big fan of the 4x8 and would love to see it added to the state meet. It's been a state meet event in New York forever and always a great race to watch.

hank said...

The "old guys" are in charge? The "old guys" that you refer to are the same "old timers" from the 70's that could do it - shoot, we're the same old guys! Maybe it's the "young guys" that don't want the change...

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