Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sacramento Meet of Champions Live Results


Anonymous said...

I really hate it at meets when it is invitational only and you have only 5 guys in the race.

I think at top 8 one race had only 3-4 guys in it! Ridiculous!!!

Then you have one guy way out in lane 8 and no one in lane 4-5-6-7. Crazy to me.

Same at MOC. Only 5 guys in the 100. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Usually MOC is one of the best in NC but there seem to be lots of dropouts. What happened to all of SMB relay teams..and some of their sprinters.

Anonymous said...

Question, was it somewhat windy or hot? Because the 3200 seemed to be a bit more tame than they have been in past years at this meet, at least towards the tail end.

Albert Caruana said...

Scratches are going to happen when the entries are due so far in advance. Unfortunate.

I was only there for a couple of hours but it was definitely windy (especially in the morning). The runners had a head wind down the homestretch which I think affected a lot of the times.

Regardless some very good times and some runners made some strong statements at the meet.

Anonymous said...

It is a good meet but the sprints should be run "Texas Style" with the wind at the back. It really sucks to see only a few runners in the invitational 100's and 200's. Maybe they should have a trials and then finals to prevent something like that.

And I know it is crazy but I know it is run at Sac City. Can a HS meet run the steeple? That would be pretty sweet!!!

2 miles would be better if it was run under the lights...

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