Wednesday, April 20, 2011

North Coast Section Passes Bylaw Concerning League Disqualification

Revision of Sports & General Rulings Handbook Bylaw 25.405


Sports & General Rulings Bylaw 25.405H Area Entries:

Any competitor or relay team that is disqualified from an event during the league qualifying meet may not move on to the next level of competition in that event. A league may only submit qualified entries to advance to the next level of competition regardless even if they don't fill their allotted number of entries. Rule 4 Sec. 5 Art.1 NFHS Track and Field Rule Book 2011

Rationale: The track management committee feels that additional language is needed for each league to come in compliance with the NFHS Rule 4 Sec. 4 Art. 1. We have had relay teams allowed to advance to the next level of competition after being disqualified in the qualifying meet.

Karen Smith
Associate Commissioner
North Coast Section, CIF


Skeptical Panda said...

Sounds reasonable.

Christopher R.V. Puppione said...

Why is this posted on this website? And why under this topic? Why the anonymous posting?

Come on--take credit for your trolling! Be a hero.

Yep...I didn't think so.

Albert--I think deletion is warranted here.

Albert Caruana said...

I will wait until what was posted above hits the local papers as a legitimate news story. Until then, please refrain from spreading rumors.

Skeptical Panda said...


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